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How much is your florist charging?

I'm getting married in 2018 and now we've got our church and venue booked I'm starting to look at different suppliers including the florist. 

how much are you paying for your florist and what does this include? If you can include a breakdown of the price for bouquet, buttonholes etc that would be great too!

ive been emailing different florists in the area to get quotes and it's been £2000 plus! This is for a bouqet for myself and 3 bridesmaid bouquets, 7 buttonholes and 2 corsages, flowers on every other pew end in the church, four large flower displays in the church, a flower arch above the church door, two milk churns of flowers, two long garlands to go along two balcony areas, and 6 flower centrepieces in martini vases 

does this seem like a high price, or is it reasonable for the amount of flowers I want? I really have no clue how much these things cost!


  • It depends on what flowers you're having and where you are based I suppose but that sounds pretty reasonable to me. I'm almost £800 and that's my bouquet, 5 bridesmaids, 10 buttonholes and 2 corsages. I was happy with that quote as it was much more reasonable than others I received and the flor is highly recommended xo

  • Sounds pretty reasonable. I'm having a lot of flowers, which you can see in my planning thread (too lazy to type it out, sorry). The price varies depending on the types of flowers and how many flowers are being used. Here's a few prices of similar bits of mine to give you an idea:

    My bouquet: £80

    Bridesmaids bouquets: £40 each

    Church urns: £150 each

    Archway display: £225 (these are normally £300+ if you want lots of flowers)

    Buttonholes: £6 each

    My centrepieces are really expensive because I'm having lots of flowers in a dense structure, but loose martini glass ones are about £85 each at my florist. 

    Our stairway garland is £25 per foot. 


    I hope that helps. You can always talk to your florist about swapping flowers to save money. Or having more foliage. I'm well versed in flowers after a real struggle with florists (long story in my planning thread) so if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message :)

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Bridal bouquet £95 but i think this will go up as ive asked for loads extra.

    bridesmaids £45 x 3 for smaller but still decent size versions of mine

    flower girls small bouquet £25 x 2

    Grooms buttonhole £15

    mothers corsage £15

    Groomsmens buttonholes £5 each

    I might order a table arrangement for signing the register that can double as top table decorations but Im not a flower fan and havent found anything I like yet.

    My bouquets involve snapdragons, lisianthums, a 2 tone rose cant remember the name, ranunculus, stock, hydrangea, mini roses, large crysanthemum, eucalyptus, trailing ivy and a trailing flower that I cant remember now.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I think you should look at prices for individual items in order to compare quotes rather then overall price as what everyone is having varies so much. 

    Mine is my bouquet £90

    BMs £45 each

    Buttonholes £6 each

    Wrist corsage £15

    And that is all I am having and I am doing all the table flowers myself with flowers from the wholesaler. You are having a LOT of flowers! For the huge list you gave, actually the price seems reasonable, but as I said, any comparison with anyone on here or between your quotes needs to be for individual items. 

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Sounds like you are having a lot of flowers so not too bad. Maybe cut back on the decorative flowers if you want to save money, or could your church arrangements be reused at the reception, Love a flower arch though!

  • Libby13Libby13 Posts: 244 New bride

    Thanks everyone that's so helpful! a few of the florists have sent me individual prices for each thing, so I'll have a look and compare to all of yours :)

  • You can always ask them why they're that price. I did that and ended up swapping specific roses for basically identical but cheaper roses. They should always be able to justify a cost. If you're getting multiple quotes, use these to negotiate. I did & saved about £300.

  • I have only had one quote so far, it was roughly as follows:

    Bridal bouquet: £60 (maybe £80!)

    Bridesmaids x 4: £40 each

    Buttonholes: £6

    Corsages: £6 thereabouts

    Toptable: £40

    Other table flowers x4: £20

    So nearly £400 as I think some of the prices above are wrong and should be higher. And that quote didn't include all the other flowers that I have since decided we'll need...

  • That sounds reasonable. Our first quote was around £1700 for 10 centrepieces, 4 top table displays, 6 decorations for the seating, bridal bouquet, 2 x bridesmaids, 6 x button holes and 2 x displays for the ceremony

    Depends on your flowers- my quotes are high because I want peonies & hydrangeas and no foliage. If things aren't in season the price will shoot up x

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