Supplier meals costs

So I've only just been told that our venue will charge €50 per supplier for their meal... What on earth?!? This seems really high to me... I've only asked for a simple 1 course meal :S Just wondered how much you have been quoted for your suppliers to eat? I know it's Italy and they go all out on food but it'd be cheaper to order them in a pizza or something (incidentally, do you think thats acceptable?)

Look forward to hearing thoughts! x


  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445

    blimey that does sound a lot! we were charged half price for our supplier meals. Are they charging you the same price as your guests?  

  • Well our per head is €150 I seem to recall but that's 5 courses, unlimited wine, aperitif with canapés AND toast drink and shot (we'll have food coming out our ears haha) but I've asked that the suppliers just have one course and a soft drink... seems so expensive so wondering if ordering them each a pizza is acceptable?! Lol xx

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