Cost of a wedding album?


What is the average cost of having a wedding album? I just looked at the prices of some and they were pretty much the same cost as the photographer!

Is that right?!


  • I was gobsmacked when our photographer told us how much he charges for a photo album so we have decided to hold off for now. However, we wanted to get albums printed for our parents for Christmas, which we did via Photobox. Using various voucher codes etc. we got them for around £35 each (should have been nearer £80) and I have to say I am blown away by the quality - they really are fab!

    While I appreciate that the cost of the albums that the photographers put together include the cost of their time and expertise to produce, and are probably a higher grade in terms of printing and paper, I am seriously tempted to do a Photobox one for us now too. I would probably do a larger one (we got our parents A4 ones) and pick one of the more expensive covers (I think they do lovely linen ones and other finishes) but otherwise I am sold! I also like that I will be able to pick the photos and the layout (although I guess the photographer would probably have a better eye for things like that!)

    So don't let it put you off - they are definitely cheaper options out there if you do some research.

  • I actually asked about this when we booked our photographer we booked him for £925 that's from bridal prep to first dance and he's charging £170 for a wedding album which i think is pretty good, not sure how many photos we get though. He takes a minimum of 450 edited photos.

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Ours will be around £250 with around 100 photos in in story book style in it.  I will get a linen album with tissue layers inside.  We will also have a dvd with all pictures on it.  

  • HelenNHelenN Posts: 131 New bride
    We paid £1900 for our photographer. He was there from 11am until 10pm, we had all the photo's taken on a DVD after the wedding (400ish), a canvas print of our choice and the most amazing quality wedding album I've seen. 

    There were other photographers that were cheaper, but if we were to upgrade the album to the same quality we have now, they would have been more expensive overall.
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    What i think is 3000$ is enough for album. In that budget, your photographer will cover all Wedding Entertainment moments.
    Wtf?! I realise this comment is spam but $3000 for a wedding album?! 
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