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This topic is discussed a lot so apologies for bringing it up again. I received a quote from my long-standing hairdresser last night and was staggered. I'm not going anywhere else but just wondering if it is competative or not. Make me feel better!! 

She's quoted £450 for me, four BMs up-dos and two blowdrys for Mums. I think this also includes my trial but I'm waiting for confirmation. She's bringing another hairdresser who I had when she was on maternity leave and travelling about an hour each way too. 

Now I've wrote it all down it doesn't seem that bad...  but still... £450!!! *gulp*


  • Mine was £95 in total for just me, including my trial. So for 6 extra people, and one extra hairdresser, I hate to say it but it sounds ok to me, but I didn't have a hairdresser for my bridesmaids so not sure on average how much they would cost - £40?? Maybe it is slightly on the steep side. I do agree it is a lot of money....I would be gulping too x

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    My bridesmaids hair is going to be £30 each, blow drys 20-25 depending if they want rollers then mine is £75 with trial. This are also also charging £45 for a call out as coming to me BUT they're sending 3 stylists as there's 15 of us to do before 1pm (H2b has a lot of aunties!) xx

  • I think it's okay, for 7 people it's £64 a head. Plus there are two of them and they are coming to you. Having a hairdresser come to you will always be significantly more expensive as they can't see any of their usual clients and will miss out on tips so needs to be worth their while.

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    I think it is probably about right. Mine is £150 for me not including travel but including a trial. She would have wanted £50 for any others, so that would be £350, leaving £100 difference to cover the two blow drys, travel and a 2nd hairdresser.

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    Your breakdowns are really helping thanks! I literally have a text saying she's worked it out and its £450 sorry kinda thing rather than a full breakdown that I can compare. As I say, she's been my hairdresser for about 14 years so I'm not going anywhere else, was just a little WHOA lol. 

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    Could be worse OP one quoted me £300 just for my hair without trial 🙄😮

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    I'm going in to get mine done so it's going to be cheaper It's still about £50 for mine and daughters is £30. So yeah £64 a head considering they are coming out to you isn't really that bad. It just sounds a lot when you round it up.

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    Thats terrible frankly! There is no way i would pay that!   But then i dont go to hairdressers at all. 

    Mine is costing £50 on day.  My bridesmaids are paying for thier own.  


    Its that its a wedding price increase again!  She has known you for ages and knows you are loyal but still no discount for you?    I would pretend to get quotes from elsewhere and see if she brings it down.  

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    I had the same problem. I used to love my hairdresser at Toni & Guy but she left and has been nagging me for the last few years to use her mobile hair services. I decided to ask her to do mine and my sister's (MoH) hair on the day, especially as she lives close by. She quoted £100 for both which I thought was fine. And then she text a day later and said she re-read her sent messages and she meant £100 each!

    Sod that. Now were are just going up to my new favourite salon on the morning. They'll take care of all the hair-washing, pins and products. Much easier.

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    Mine is charging £45 for me but this doesnt include a trial, so in total itll be £90.

    Bridesmaids are £35 each, and flower girls are £10 but my mums having them overnight the night before and bringing them last minute, so they will have their hair done already bu her hairdresser.

    So in total for me and 4 bridesmaids its £230, she is coming to me as well because thats what she does, no extra charge for it.

    It depends where you are though. Im pretty northern so prices are a lot better in general.

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