Budget wedding, really pleased with how well I've done.

Well we didn't set a budget as such but wanted to keep costs low. Added together it will be just over £1,000 for the registry office, reception venue, DJ, buffet with cake (not wedding it's carrot cake) dress, bridesmaid dress, haircuts/styling, make-up and rings

I haven't totted up for Grooms clothes, cars, shoes, accessories, flowers and photographs. Grooms friend is a photographer and isn't charging us for his time just to print the pictures. I would also like to get a video camera and ask someone to film some of the day.

If I had a much higher budget I don't think there is anything I would do differently because I just look at everything I have managed to do and it's just perfect the way it is. I suppose the only exception is that we would cover guests drinks.



  • Yea I didn't set a budget as such, but I had no idea how much weddings cost... so here I am over 20k later 😭

  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    Okay these ideas won’t suit everyone but they were fine for me and H2b we really aren’t suited to posh weddings. Here is why my wedding is so inexpensive;

    My invitations were designed on Vistaprint

    My dress is a blush pink one from House of Fraser it was £160

    I have just one bridesmaid, my teenage daughter. Her dress was £62 from Little Mistress

    H2b is not having a suit, he has a jacket and is just buying trousers and a suit

    I am having a make-up lesson so I can do my own and my daughter’s

    I shopped around for a hairdresser. One wanted £60 to do my daughter’s hair which is a bob so doesn’t need much. The one I went with is doing it for £30 and will do some ‘twisty bits’ with clips for her as well

    We are having a registry office wedding in the late afternoon, no sit down meal straight to buffet

    No posh wedding cake, we are having chocolate fudge and carrot cakes

    Our reception venue was only £100 which we get back if guests spend £300 on drinks, oh that’s another thing guests are paying for their drinks

    H2b’s friend is doing the photography and filming the ceremony

    I am also going to do the bouquets. I only want small ones and resent paying ridiculous prices for a couple of bunches of flowers with ribbons tied around them

    No favours, I don't really see the point of them. I will hand around some chocolates

    I appreciate that everyone wants different things for their wedding day, but for me and H2b this is more than fine. It’s perfect.

  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    It will be more than this because I haven't paid for H2b's clothes, shoes and accessories, flowers and chocolates. Maybe another £150 if I am being generous. So the total cost will come in at under £1,200 including our own drinks.

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    Amazing as higher-spend weddings can be, I think low-budget weddings are often more special and more personal, with a lot more thought given to them.  You know the choices you make have to be really good ones, as you're limited on spending so can't afford mistakes/spending on items you don't really want ... this means everything you DO have you really appreciate and feel is important for your big day.  If your budget is low, every decision is carefully considered.

    Nothing wrong with a large budget of course, and people should spend their money as they wish ... I just like to see the inventive ways some brides get wonderful weddings without spending a fortune.

    Another money saving tip is to use your own car or that of a friend or two to save on wedding cars - I know they are beautiful, and a 'must' for some people, but they can eat into the budget.

    I've used Vistaprint before too - and made order of service booklets by using 'matching stationery items' and editing them for information cards etc.

    You can often make savings by not having a gift list but by asking people to contribute in other ways - a friend who can make bunting perhaps, or friends who would contribute towards a cake table.

    Anyway, good luck, I look forward to reading how your plans develop! 

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    This is great! We are trying to have budget wedding which has been hard and one thing i've struggled with is perception that because it's  wedding you should spend a lot of money!


    Fine if you have 20k spare but we don't want to do that.


    Well done!

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