What's your biggest wedding expense and why?

I'm curious to know what's everyone's biggest expense and why?

Mine was the venue and flowers. Flowers because I never had any first time round (this is my second marriage) and really wanted to make a big impact and go all out, and the other was the venue. Why? Because it's the venue of my dreams and I had to have it.


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Venue was our biggest, just because it naturally costs more than everything else.

    My biggest unnecessary splurge was my carriage. The church is round the corner, I thought if Im paying for transport its going to be my favourite, otherwise its not worth it.

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride

    Food and drinks. I think its because hubby and I are both foodies and we really wanted to make sure our guests are fed well and have drinks flowing throughout the night. From my experience people are more likely to remember if they had bad food rather than what center pieces were on the table 😂. 

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    Venue and food but I think that's where most of the money should be spent :) 

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 359

    Venue - £700 for a buffet for up to 70 people plus room hire and drinks on arrival



  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    Gosh none of it cost a lot at all really. Unless the registration fees were more then the biggest single cost is the buffet. £6 a head times 60 people so yes I think the £300 buffet was the biggest single expense. We aren't having a 'wedding breakfast' the wedding is at 3.30pm and then it's straight to the late afternoon and evening reception.

  • CE26CE26 Posts: 347 New bride

    Venue - It was homely and welcoming but stunning, plus it was all on one level so guests with mobility issues had no problem. The staff were amazing too. 

    Food and drink - we like good meals and a good glass of wine so we were happy to pay a bit more to make sure everyone enjoyed what was on offer. 

    Biggest unncessary spend was on a sword to cut the cake. OH wanted to get a really decent sword that we might end up putting on show...it cost more than I would have ideally wanted to spend all for a 30 second photo opportunity, but he was so happy lol. 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    Venue kind of seems a given, especially if you are on a package deal like us so it includes food and drink as well. Nothing else is going to come close to the cost of that! So discounting the package, I'm pretty sure the 2nd biggest spend was on my dress!

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 720

    Flowers 1600€, we are having tons of them at the farm and abbey. We couldn't afford them when I first got married and had to make do with gypsophelia and carnations. This also includes the cost of a decorated self service champagne bar.

    Ceremony venue 1000€ for 1 hours exclusive use and civil officer

    Food for 13 people 1500€ we are real foodies, and having pizza and beer party the night before and then apperitivie followed by 5 courses, coffee and liquor. It does include all alcohol and they are hiring all of our table wear from Rome as I wanted more than just plain white plates


  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218

    Venue for us was a obviously the biggest expense. 

    The next unexpected expense was our evening venue. We went from a free pub to exclusive use of an old boat house which is a restaurant now. its a lovely space for an evening reception.  But it's £2000 we hadn't considered but this includes food etc. We felt our pub option wasn't what we wanted and fell in love with our evening venue so we went with it lol  

    After that it was my dress 😂

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    My biggest "dont need to but really wanted to" expense is my saxophonist. I wanted a certain style and not a creepy old bloke ( most of the ones we found were lol!). I finally found one and we thought ****it! We want her! 

    We're both over the moon and happy to pay her a ridiculous amount lol 

  • Catering is our biggest spend at £14k, followed by venue then wine and grooms suit are similar! My dress is probably half the price of his suit!

  • I didn't answer the why question... we love our food and wanted our guests to be well fed so caterers we're quite important to us

  • After the venue because that naturally is expensive than anything else. i find flowers to be very pricey!!

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Food and drink without a doubt! We are spending around 4000 euros on a 6 course meal, a tab behind the bar, our cake and a prosecco toast for 21 people. Having said that we are not paying anything for our venue as we are just having a meal/drinks at a local bar/restaurant which will still be open to the public - so that makes up for it :-) x

  • The venue for us as its a little country house hotel that we are hiring for the day and night with all the bedrooms, ceremony (not including registrar fee though of course), food and drink, evening reception etc etc so its a very inclusive package! After that I think my dress is the second most expensive. 

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Excluding our venue which comes with our upgraded food and drink package it would have to be our honeymoon, we have treated ourselves in that respect. Myself and H2B have never had a holiday together and are paying for our wedding alone so have worked our socks off for 2 years straight (including weekends) so I feel we can justify our honeymoon splurge.

    After that it would be our wedding rings. xx

  • Not sure if it counts but ours will be our honeymoon.... because it's the first real time we will spend alone together , I have 2 children to my previous husband and J and I have said all along we will have the wedding we want but honeymoon like rock stars 

  • Bims09Bims09 Posts: 240 New bride

    Definitely venue, with food/drink a close second. This was always going to be the biggest expense for us! Aside from that, my dress and the band are probably next, but we haven't booked honeymoon yet... I'm sure that will be up there cost-wise.

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Well, definitely the venue but that's because of what it is!  My next biggest expense was photography and videography combined.. I mean, that is all that will be left of our wedding day :) 

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    Venue of course, booked out for 3 days, including accommodation for my family- then photographer as that was our priority, then rings, then food.

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    The dress,  because i wore such a plain one last time that my sister picked i didnt get chance to be a princess for the day, i never had a full veil and no train, so im going all out this time round it will be the last time!!  



  • Really interesting to see what everyone else is prioritsing their spending on.

    Our biggest expensive will be the church, £750ish which is a lot really but was important to us. After that the catering which I'm still working out but estimate is £600 for 67 guests.

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Venue, closely followed by catering. 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Biggest expense is the honeymoon at £4800 but we are taking my daughter too, we wanted 2 weeks all inclusive with a kids club somewhere we'd never been so chose Mexico

    then it will be catering which with food and drink will be somewhere around £2200 our venue is free except the need to by my uncle a gift to say thank you, it's his marquee and lawn!

    next wedding dress £1000

    then my wedding ring at £600

    but my 2 extravagances are a rodeo bull (who wouldn't think that's fun?) and an icecream tricycle at £400 and £345 this is purely for entertainment and probably not necessary at all but I wanted them!

  • August18August18 Posts: 247

    our  biggest expense is our catering, food is ultra important to us (if I could rewind I would've loved to be a chef) so it makes sense In that respect. Second is venue.


  • Food & drink for me too 

  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 570 New bride

    Not counting the Honeymoon as that wins by a country mile...

    I think my dress just edges it, venue was next followed by catering, then photographer, then Church.

    Dress budget was fixed by my parents as they were paying and 'the one' was ever so slightly over. Venue was exactly what we wanted and was dry hire so worked out pretty cheap.

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    In descending order

    1.Venue package including ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception, all in


    3.Photographer plus album 



    6.Grooms Gift 

    7.Hair and Make up

    8.Flowers (my bestie is a florist so doing them at wholesale) 

    9.Rings (these were free as I won a you&your wedding competition for £500 credit for 77 diamonds!) 

    It just kinda fell into this order, I knew what I wanted then found out the costs lol 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,652 New bride

    Easily the venue and food by far although these are probably obvious. After this I'd probably say my outfit including dress, shoes etc. Certainly cost me more than I ever expected!

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