How mich is a custom made wedding ring?

imageHi there... i'm a september 2018 bride so a way to go. we are trying to keep our wedding budget friendly, as everybody, but there is one thing i do not want to compromise on...the ring!

my engagement ring is a white gold 19 mini diamonds ring and it will be impossible to find a wedding ring that will fit snug to this one. I will be weari g this ring for the rest of my life so i would like the wedding ring to be right. It should be white gold and the exact negative of my engagement ring so they sits really close together. Just plain without stones.

would anybody like to make a guess how much i have to budget for that?!


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    My wedding ring has been made to match my engagement ring and to fit against it snugly. It's 18ct white gold set with diamonds and cost £600 so I think yours should come in under that by a couple of hundred.


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    Have you looked into making your own? I also had a similar problem in wanting a custom shaped plain one. We had the BEST experience going to a workshop and making each others (you are fully supported and is it suitable for people who have never done anything of the sort - we hadn't) and I cannot recommend it enough. H2B made my ring then the goldsmith took it and put a nice dip into it to perfectly fit my ER.


    It looks yellow as this is prior to rhodium plating. My ER is asymmetrical so it isn't EXACTLY the same shape but fits snugly and actually stabilises my ER which rotates on my finger which is a bit annoying so I cant want to wear it lol! But someone sad to me that they prefer it when the rings aren't exactly the same as it means you can define the two separate bands rather then it looking like one wide ring.

    I would guess that this is only possible if you want a softer dip, rather then an angled shape (wishbone style) if you know what I mean. But it looks like you ring wont need an angle but a perfectly shaped dip.

    If you don't want to do this, then I follow "the wedding ring store" on facebook and they often post about custom rings to fit ERs. You could contact them for an approx. price?

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    Hi Sarah

    I don't have any costing advice (other than I would guess at about £450 for a ring) but wanted to say how pretty your engagement ring is!  Congratulations!

    Great idea to make your own like Jenni8 has done!

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    It depends where you are. My engagement ring was custom made so naturally my husband went back to them for the first quote on my wedding ring. He gave them his budget and they compeletely ignored it! After a bit of research we found someone much closer to where we now live who made me a totally custom made wedding ring to fit with my engagement ring for about half of what we were quoted by the original jewellers. We paid £675 (I think) for a palladium ring so I would imagine white gold would be less.


    Weddding ring on its own.


    Wedding ring and engagement ring together.

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    Elsy those rings are amazing! So unique and just stunning. Do they symbolise something? X

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    Lauren309 wrote (see post):

    Elsy those rings are amazing! So unique and just stunning. Do they symbolise something? X

    Thank you

    They don't symbolise anything. Just that he wanted me to have something unique. I had always said that if we were to get engaged I would like a pear shaped diamond. He didn't want me to have a normal ring though so designed it himself. I was completely oblivious to it. He knew I wouldn't want anything too out there.


    The design of my wedding ring was mainly because it fitted with my engagement ring, and again, he wanted me to have something completely unique. The curl of my engagement ring fits over the top of my wedding ring and kind of locks in place with one of the bits of my wedding ring. The designer then added some extra curls into it, hence the loops just to make it more different. It also has a little curl on the back too.

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    The shop I used did a custom fit service where they take your e-ring, 3D scan it and then fit the wedding ring to your e-ring. They charge about £35 for the service. As it happened an off the shelf shaped ring fitted with my ring so we didn't end up needing the service - for comparison purposes for 18ct white gold you'd be looking at just under £500. 9ct white gold £250.

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    Aw thank you so much guys! Thank you Epiphany for your nice words!

    all your rings are stunning! The option of having it scanned is amazing!!! I have to find out if there is a shop close to mine who offers this service! Thanks again!!

  • Hi Sarah1609,

    Has the big day been yet or is it fast approaching?  

    I'm having the same problem as you at the moment, as my H2B actually had my engagement ring custom made, but now the store he got it from will only take custom orders over £6K!!! Way over my budget.

    Did you manage to find somewhere to have your ring made at a reasonable price?


  • image

    We used Aman at Aariya Diamonds in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter for mine (also a weird shape) and this cost £350 (18ct white gold). 

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    My H2B got my engagement ring custom made from a company called Lover's Rock Diamonds. They don't have a shop and gain work based on their digital marketing and word of mouth, so they can keep costs really low, which they pass on to the customer. I've had my wedding ring custom made by them too (not got it yet so can't show picture) but we were so impressed with them. After hearing about them from my H2B i wondered if they might be using dodgy diamonds etc. as they're so reasonable, but they use a jeweller in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham and everything comes with it's authenticity certificates. Definitely check them out!
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    If people are still benchmarking, this is platinum and micro-set diamonds, custom made to go round my engagement ring.
    £695 from The Diamond Shop at the far end of Hatton Garden. I supplied 2 of the diamonds and have used them for other jewellery too, so may be a little below normal...

  • When it comes to custom rings the value is all in the diamonds, if you are having them and then whether you are going for a completely handmade ring, or you are happy for a CAD ring. If you are happy to go for un-certified stones and CAD you can cut it down. The same if you go for a thinner band.

    I designed my girlfriend's engagement ring and have had the wedding band created to match it both in fit and style. The platinum wedding ring is coming in around £700 from our jeweler. 
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    mine was £120 would have been cheaper but its a European company and Brexit hit

    it was £80 when I first saw it online then after Brexit it started going up by the day so I panicked and bought it a week after Brexit (ended up being the first thing I bought)

    they don't make ones like mine anymore but last time I checked when it was still up it had shot up to £400 :o

    mine is 14 carat white gold and has opals instead of diamonds
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