Saving the money for your wedding

Hi guys,


I was wondering how and where are you cutting back to save money for your wedding?

We keep putting a little bit of money aside every week so eventually it will build up, but I'm worried that we won't have enough saved by 2019! But I also don't want to leave us with no money for living!

I've told my mum that we're starting the wedding plans (after being engaged for a long time!) I've yet to tell my dad as he works away and I hardly see him (neither does my mum at the moment because of him working away for weeks at a time!)

Maybe I'm just overthinking everything, but my sister is getting married this year, and I don't want my dad in a panic thinking he has to spend even more money out after giving my sister some money towards her wedding - hence why we're trying to save as much as we can.

Does anyone have any tips for saving up for a wedding please?


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    Do you have on a spreadsheet or anything with all your outgoings? If not i would suggest doing this. Get all your bills on there and then assign a sensible amount for food, going out etc and then whats left is what you can save. Put that amount away every week / month before you have chance to spend it. Anything else left at the end can be added.

    Are there little luxuries you can cut back on? Coffees / lunches bought at work rather than making your own adds up super fast! How often do you go out for dinner / have a takeaway? Cut that down a little, enough that you still feel like your living like you say but are saving a bit extra every month.

    Others like to have the savings jars - say every time you have a 2 pound coin it goes in the jar, or and loose cash at the end of the week whatever works, between now and 2019 that will add up!

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    We used a separate account for our wedding saving, which I highly recommend. It lets you see at a glance what you have in there and you can transfer money each month when you get paid.

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    The above suggestions are great. An extra thing we did was withdraw cash when we went out and any money we came home with we put in the jar as we intended on spending it anyway. We managed to save just shy of £800 that way  

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Ive paid as i go! Its worked well and i have loads more money than i thought i would!   I started with a rough budget. 

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    I dont deliberately save or cut back anywhere, I always been a saver in day to day life (I couldnt live without savings, dont know how anyone does - its a lifeline) and already have more than needed saved... a wedding is one day, you shouldn't have to make yourself miserable by altering your life for years just to pay for it a budget should be what you can afford

  • we figured out what we were comfortable to spend out of the savings i already have and what fi was comfortable saving in a year then have stuck to that figure and kept it in a seperate savings account, Since it's one day I'm not willing to sacrifice buying a home because of it so that's been a good motivator to cut wedding costs where I can. 

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    We started with a spread sheet of all of our outgoings against our income.  We worked out that we could live on one wage (his) and my entire wage would go into savings.

    We then looked at how much we would have in a year / 18 months / 2 years and what we were comfortable spending.  We decided that the 18 month mark of putting my entire wage away was a very comfortable wedding budget and booked our wedding based on that.

    We have gone slightly over budget but its so hard not to! especially if you do have a long time to plan because the couple of hundreds that you get quoted for bits and bobs along the way don't seem so bad until you have to pay for them all at the end! haha! xx




  • We also set up a spreadsheet of income and outgoings, worked out we could save £150 a month each over 2.5 years to cover costs then set up a direct debit each to a joint savings account so its a seperate 'pot' to our other savings. We use natwest reward saver as you get a bit more back each month you deposit £100 or more :) x

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    Were paying for it on one wage. I was working part time when we originally booked, but me going back to work coincided with my mum moving away, and our baby starting to get ear infections at least once a month.

    We had no childcare anymore and I was having to take a week off every month to look after the sick baby. So we decided that me working wasnt working out for our setup and I quit in July last year. 

    Now I work 9 hours a week (pathetic 🙈) so h2b is paying the bulk of it. Hes paid weekly so he transfers money each payday to me and I keep it safe (hes a spender) in a seperate account. Hell do a minimum of £600 a month, more if he does overtime.

    I also have a money box and any spare notes or decent coins (no pennies or 5s or 10s) goes in there which I will use to pay for hair and makeup. Should add that all these coins are from my wage. We decided when booking that I would pay for the girls dresses and stuff, and he would pay for the mens outfits, from our own pockets not the wedding fund. That way we feel free to have who we want and what we want without feeling like were dipping into each others funds. I paid for the bridesmaid dresses before I quit my job.

    We dont have a huge budget, we dont want to scrimp along and have a rubbish life for a while just to pay for a wedding day. We still prioritise life over the wedding and go for meals or nights out, I still buy far too many kids clothes, get my hair done, h2b still goes on all his hobbies and trips and whatnot (one of his hobbies involved buying a bloody motorbike 🙄). But we do also know what we need to pay for the wedding and make sure its there. We dont want any debt or to use credit or to struggle, so we set our budget based on what we knew we felt comfortable with spending, not the 'average UK wedding costs 25k' thing, not a chance I was willing to spend anywherw near that!

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    We dont earn enough to have a regular amount but i put by the odd £20 when i can.  Most of the wedding and half my er was paid for by my wage.   Its been tough with divorce and tax bills to pay for as well but things are looking better now and should be alsorted for august.  Of course job is under threat to now.  

  • Laura349Laura349 Posts: 1,001 New bride

    Thank you everyone for all the advice!

    I'll make a spreadsheet for all our income and outgoings and see what amount we can save a month.

    I may even ask suppliers (transport etc) if they wouldn't mind us paying in monthly instalments, hopefully they would say yes!

    I know most people say frown and judge.. but because I am my h2b's carer - he has mobility problems - we don't really have a proper 'wage' as such, as we rely on benefits (which we really do hate) But I guess you deal with what life throws you and get on with things don't you


    Thank you again for all your advice!

  • We have been together for 11 years and havr just got engaged. He's left it so long because we simply couldn't afford it before now. 

    all of our friends are getting engaged and getting married at the moment (we have 5 weddings to attend this year!!) and I'd had enough. This year our little girl will be elegable for 30 free childcare hours and I've just had a big payrise. Also next year a loan we took out to get a new bathroom will be paid off and H2B Will have paid off h student loan. We are using all of this spare cash to save for the Wedding but were still waiting until 2020 and have a relativly small budget. 


  • My advice would be to have the wedding you can afford. There's nothing like money problems and debts to ruin a relationship with all the stress.

    Ultimately it's about what is important to you. How much you are comfortable spending on one day. It'll be the best day of your life, but over in a flash.

    Personally I cannot spend a lot, just because it seems like a waste. I want a new bathroom. Everytime I see Fancy unnesscary wedding stuff I remind myself of my walk-in shower, beautiful tiles, perfect bathtub... And we're going to sort the guest room too.

    Because we aren't spending much (well I still think it's a lot!) we've been able to pay as we go. No savings, no cut backs. I normally live within my means, I intend to on my wedding day too.

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    You can only spend what you can afford to save. So work out how much you can realistically save between now and your wedding date and that will be your budget. 

    Whilst it will enable you to have a bigger budget, 2019 is a long time to be saving for a wedding so definitely be realistic about what you can afford each month and don't stretch yourselves too far as it will be a long time to be watching the pennies without or feeling guilty about having meals out, takeaways or a weekend away and you will start to resent it. 

    We chose to have short engagement and save hard for those 10 months it was a struggle some months where we had no spare cash towards the end but it worked for us. We still enjoyed meals out, hen and stag dos and other weddings though.

    Like others have said, saving all your £2 coins between now and 2019 will really add up and I like the idea of saving what is left after a night out as it's been budgeted to be spent anyway. 

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    Thank you The new Mrs P and Sara50!

    We have always said we'd love to get married in a castle, so that's where most of the budget will be going.

    The rest will really be a diy reception - apart from the room hire. I make crafts as a hobby, so I can diy most of the things we'd need :)

    I'm also studying a photography course, and a friend who is on the same course (and has her own photography business on the side) has said she will be my photographer! So there's some money saved there.

  • rlnxrlnx Posts: 46 New bride

    I'm managing to save about £400 a month by myself, a little bit more if i do any bank at work. My dad has generously offered to pay for half of the wedding but by the time we have to start paying for it, i'll have hopefully saved around £9000 so it would be nice for my dad to keep his money and treat himself or my mum to something instead! :) 


  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,426 New bride

    We're saving £1000 a month between us. I put a bit more in if I do some extra shifts. I'm currently working 6 day weeks.

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride

    We managed to save £1,650 between us a month. My other half is bloody good at saving, me not so much 🙈 that being said both our parents contributed a lot to the wedding which meant we didn't have to cut back drastically. We did limit the amount of time we ate out. X

  • MrsJamesMrsJames Posts: 406 New bride

    We set out a spreadsheet and listed everything we wanted for the wedding with a rough idea of budget for each item. We also have a separate savings account for the wedding (one which we can add and withdraw from whenever we need to) At the end of every month when our bills have all gone out we put most of what is left in our account into the wedding account and keep updating the spreadsheet so we know how much we still have left to save. 

    I'm quite creative and so the stationary is all DIY with most of the bits coming from ebay. So that might be an idea. 

    Also my local HSammuel have wedding events most bank holidays, offering 10% off one wedding ring and 20% off two wedding rings. Might be worth seeing if your local jewellers have any offers like this. 

    My main bit of advise would be to prioritise what you want for the wedding and book things starting with the most important to you, then if the budget can't stretch you're less likely to be missing out on something that's high on your priority list. 

  • We've (I've) made a budget spreadsheet. I'm self employed and most of my students pay monthly via direct debit, some pay in cash - those that pay in cash goes straight into a money box. I manage to save pretty much all if tHe money I get in via direct debit too as I have another job which is my bills money 

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    We were really lucky.  We were in the process of buying a house, but didn't know how much my bonus would be at work so decided to borrow a little bit more on the mortgage just in case,  Then, moving got delayed- we are mortgage free on this house so no costs- my bonus ended up 10k higher than we thought, and my parents have given us a lot. We have basically decided everything has to be run by the other one, we don't spend money we don't really need to.  Mr R is an analyst so we have complicated spreadsheets which tell me when I am overspending.  We also have several bank accounts and savings that move things about to get maximum interest.  I get paid on the last day of the month, and so the main account gets "swept" on the 1st, only leaving a buffer plus the bills I have.  Then we talk about what is left, and it goes to different things.  Wedding, savings, house doing up, holiday, handbags (me) etc etc.  It does really work, and it is quite motivating seeing the money go up each month in each account.  Have you thought about getting rid of stuff on FB on local selling sites?  I have made over 1k so far on just rubbish that would have gone to charity or in the bin 

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    Before you start saving set yourself a budget, then you have something to aim for and work towards.

    Prioritise what you really want.

    Our budget is £4500 because we know we can save that in the time - we had a little bit put aside for a rainy day anyway.

    We're not having wedding cars, or favours, or 'florist' flowers at the wedding (although I love fresh flowers and if I had more money I'd spend on those!) and I'm having an 'ordinary' dress and my shoes cost £19.99.  I'm not having professional make up or anything - it would be nice if I could afford it, but we don't want to be paying for our wedding forever.  We  aren't having a sit down meal, we're having an afternoon tea as it's cheaper.  A friend is making our 'naked' cake - love proper iced ones but they would blow the budget.  Originally I thought I'd hire bunting, but it's expensive. We aren't having bridesmaids, and h2b is wearing his work suit (but I'm hoping he's going to get a new one ...)

    Where we have spent more than we originally thought was on the venue - we were going to go for the village hall and cater ourselves, but I have problems iwth back and hip pain and could see myself hobbling up the aisle if I had to be at the hall early on, putting food in the oven and cleaning and decorating the hall, so we went for afternoon tea at a local restaurant.  We've budgeted about £300 for extras like decorations, supermarket flowers, ribbons etc.

    So no Rolls Royces or veils or trains or lovely floral arrangements and I just have to hope my make up goes right - but the main thing is I'm marrying the man I love.

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    Sorry Laura - realised you were looking more for saving up the money tips than saving on the budget tips - but they are related!

    We already had a little bit, and because we aren't going to be engaged long, we set our budget at what we could afford to save over the few months we had.  We don't eat out much anyway, and we're both pretty frugal, so we're just putting aside what's left after bills - this wouldn't be much fun on a long engagement though.

    I guess if we had wanted a 'bigger wedding' we would have had to plan for 2018 or 2019 so that we could save up - and then I htink we'd've had jars and different saving accounts!

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