Wedding in lake como

Hi all,


ive just booked my wedding June 2018 in lake como 🎉👰🏻

If anyone can recommend florist, photographer and makeup artist that would be amazing. 

Also has anyone got married in como and their guests arrive by boat, if so can you recommend anyone?

thanks so much,

Kelly xxx


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    Hey, I'm getting married in Lake Como in September, we are using Daniela Tanzi as our photographer and Daniela Guanziroli as my make up artist. Me, my mum and sister are arriving by boat and then we're going  a cruise on the lake after the ceremony with all our guests for an hour, using Varenna taxi boat x


  • Kellyg87Kellyg87 Posts: 3

    Thanks so much! I will contact them. Where is your wedding?

    We went with villa geno, after 3 days of venue hunting :)

    A cruise around the lake sounds amazing xx

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    Hello there

    Would you mind telling me how much Daniela make up artist has quoted you? I am also getting married in como June 2018 and i am planning my own wedding & i have had some really expensive prices for make up artists.

    Thankfully my friend is a hairdresser and is a guest at the wedding so that i dont have to worry about!

    Any other tips and advice would be much appreciate

    Katie xxx

  • Kellyg87Kellyg87 Posts: 3

    250 for the bride is quoted me xxx

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    She is also charging me 250 for hair and makeup, her usual price is 350 and to be honest of all the quotes I had she came out the best. if your on Instagram have a look at her work, she is very sought after and works with a lot of wedding planners in como. I was horrified at prices when I first started looking and swore I would learn how to do it myself before I went but then I had a good think and decided for me, I'm only ever going to do it once, the photographs are very important to me and I want to look my best and I didn't want to be stressing on the morning of the wedding over my hair/makeup and decided it'd be worth it to be in the hands of professionals. X

  • Katie342Katie342 Posts: 3

    Thank you all! I've booked Daniela Tanzi for photographer and daniela G for the Make Up! 

    Both have been very good with communication! I'm so nervous it doesn't seem real when just talking to people over email! 

    I'm sure all will go to plan :) 

  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 224 New bride

    How exciting!! our wedding is just over 8 weeks away but if you remind me i'll post some photos so you can see what both danielas work looks like!! Xx

  • Hi all,


    Could you please let me know if Daniele included a hair and make up trail within the 250 euro quoted?


  • Max-Max- Posts: 1

    Hi Kelly,

    Could you please let me know for how much you booked the Villa Geno and what services are included?




  • hi ladies. 

    I’m looking to book my wedding on lake Como. could I ask people who have booked a venue what their budget was please?

    One of my venues I love was  villa cipressi

    I emailed a wedding planner who told me unless I have around £50,000 budget she can’t help me. I’m upset and furious.


    Kind regards 

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  • Wardy13Wardy13 Posts: 2

    Hi All, 

    we are getting married next year - I've also emailed Daniele, do you find she takes ages to come back? 

    Also I'm looking for a wedding planner to coordinate the day - as I've booked everything myself having someone speaking the language on the day would take away any stress. So far I've been quoted silly prices as I've done most of the work... 

    Any info or help would be great! 


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