I know this is a teeny tiny question amd real 'first world problem' but our 90 mins drinks reception is outside and we have to have plastic glasses. We have 65 guests - around 10 ish are children. We're putting transport on to the reception after this and 50 ish of the guests have said yes to transport and so presumably there's a large proportion planning on drinking. The question... how many champagne glasses v tumblers would you buy?! Would you just buy one each plus a few? Or allow for a few fresh glasses per guest? We're also having purees so people can pimp up their prosecco so I guess it's possibly people might want a fresh glass to try different flavours? 


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    I would assume every adult would use a champagne glass even if they go for a soft drink as it looks nicer so 55 for one each then I would get a few extras so maybe 70? I would assume most people would top up their drink rather than getting a fresh one

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Oh of course, I didn't even think about people drinking soft in champagne glass! 

  • I would allow more than one each, as I think you made a very good point about trying different flavours.


    Also, in my experience, children do not re-use their cups, always a clean one......

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    I agree with winterwed, children are the worst for not reusing cups! Adults would probably survey the situation spot the number of glasses and cotton on to the need to reuse.

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