Un edited Cheap Wedding Videography /

When me and my wife got married, we left our wedding to be filmed with our camera by my brother inlaw.

Upon which it is great as at the time we could not afford anything else ,I just wished it was a lot more filming but for most people asking a family member or friend to do your video, a short video is most probably what is going to happen.

I was thinking ( not at present but for future ) of starting of offering a  un edited video service for £220

for those that would love their special day filmed at a cheap price and not having to ask a family member or friend.


I am interested in if you think this is a good idea or not ?


I  would like to think I mix well with people and I would blend in well with guest's and I would enjoy this type of work.

I am under under no way looking for work now just your opion if this is a good service to offer.

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