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Hi, we are on a tight budget and looking at theming our wedding day. We live on the coast and was thinking of a wedding breakfast of fish and chips or pie and chips - made by a caterer not the chippy. Was thinking of theming the room with sand bowls and sea shells.  Ice cream served on cone with a flake for pudding or a crumble?  Whats your thoughts if this can be pulled off correctly and at the right price?


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    Definitely!! I went to a wknd wedding in Brighton and they did fish and chips for the wedding breakfast

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I think if it's good quality that type of food is great! As a guest I would find that as good as a sit down roast type meal. 

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Love the idea. We are having a December wedding so planning on having a 3 course sit down with sausage and mash as the main, nothing beats some classic comfort food!!

  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride

    I think I'd actually prefer that to some of the food I've been served at weddings! :) And if it fits within a wider theme then it would work well, I reckon.

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Sounds yum to me but I'd definitely go for the icecream rather than crumble for dessert, follows your theme better and I don't know about everyone else but I always find room for an icecream but would probably struggle with crumble after fish and chips!

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    My caterers said they avoid ice cream like the plague - you can imagine how fast it melts especially on a hot day, something to think about. You could look into hog roast, that's usually fairly decent value for money?

  • Laura349Laura349 Posts: 1,001 New bride

    I think it's a brilliant idea! We're getting married on bonfire night and have asked for typical bonfire food for our evening buffet! (jacket potatoes, chilli, bacon and sausage baps etc!) 

  • MissSMissS Posts: 267 New bride

    Id love to have fish and chips at a wedding! Go for it!

  • Mrs_WMrs_W Posts: 55

    I went to a wedding with fish and chips as the wedding breakfast and ice cream cones as pudding, It was so great and they had no issues with the ice cream melting as the guests gobbled them up pronto! I also went to another wedding with a Mr Whippy ice cream van which was very popular!

  • We had Fish & Chips for our wedding breakfast, handed out in cones so it wasn't necessary for seating plan etc, we also had a choice of noodle boxes and slider burgers, but the Fish & Chips was definitely the winner. 

  • Mimi8Mimi8 Posts: 316 New bride

     Y daughter attended a wedding this weekend with fish and chip main course and then donuts from the wedding tower for pud which was really well recieved but I do think the ice cream would be a better dessert and the theme is a great idea 

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