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Budget for photographer

We originally had 750 in the budget for a photographer as we were hoping a friend would do it but due to family illness we can no longer ask them. I am in the southeast what sort of budget am I looking at for a wedding photographer? 

Also if anyone has any recommendations on sussex that would be great. 


  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    I think it really does depend on what you are looking for.  I know an amazing photographer who covers that area but they have fixed prices (£1800) We went for them because they have won so many awards, and just stood out for us, but I do know that is quite high for some.  Have you looked on your local Facebook sites?  There are often photographers on there offering options around that kind of figure.  Good luck, and if you are interested in our photographer they are Sam and Louise. 

  • John122John122 Posts: 5

    You can ask your friends to take a picture, but you can process the photo here

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    . I did it my way, my friend took pictures of us, and then we paid less for processing

  • Spice3Spice3 Posts: 122

    A decent photographer is normally at least 1000 pounds. You can get a lot less than that but obviously they normally produce lower quality pictures. The one I like is £1350 for 12 hours and includes an album. He is in London and I think that price is really good.

    Photography equipment is expensive and they aren't working a normal 9-5 job, so have to charge accordingly. I am thinking about getting My friend got his details for me and his pictures look amazing!

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    Hi Wibs, 

    I'm not sure about your area, but your budget doesn't seem unreasonable.  Sure you're not going to get a great deal included with that (in terms of extras) but there's no reason you can't find someone.  As I started out nearly two years ago, here's what i would suggest in terms of finding lower budget photographers:

    - This forum is great and there are often photographers on here that may suit your budget (check their work carefully though) and ideally Facebook reviews as these can't really be faked.  

    - Consider trying a student photographer (again, they often advertise on here) or contacting your local college to see if any of their students would be interested.

    - Gumtree, a lot of people starting out are on gumtree.

    - Local Facebook groups will be in place specifically for weddings in your area.  Ask on there, I'm sure you'll find someone who can help.

    - Consider looking further afield.  Most photographers are willing to travel all over the UK, even with travel expenses etc

    - Wedding Fayres - usually higher budget photographers don't bother with these and it's the more affordable ones that attend.  This is especially true of the smaller hotel run wedding fayres (rather than big ones that are planned by large organisations)

    - Ask for bespoke quotes.  Whilst many photographers have set packages, there is no real reason for this other than to make it easier for clients.  If you find someone you really like, ask them for a tailor made quote.  By reducing the amount of hours you require them, this will also reduce the cost.  However, if you are getting married on a popular date, some will only offer full price weddings.  Also, things like a USB, do you really need this or could you download them?  If brides ever ask for a discount, this is the first place I start as my USB folios cost me £50 whereas digital download is free.

    Just a word about photographers with limited experience.... yes this can be risky, but we all have to start somewhere.  An idea could be to get someone inexperienced and get them to hire a second shooter (easily found on Facebook).  Most second shooters only charge £200 and have experience.  This way you are protecting yourself a little bit as well.  The only downside is the first shooter will be responsible for all the editing, but as long as the images get taken properly in the first place, this is something that can be worked on. 

    Good luck, Laura x

  • Emma-30Emma-30 Posts: 55 New bride

    I would highly recommend our photographer Sarah Williams, she is amazing and very reasonably priced. Have a look at her photos and ask for a price. She is based in the south east but covers anywhere in the U.K. I think. Our wedding was a few weeks ago and she was brilliant on the day. 

  • Wibs77Wibs77 Posts: 414

    Thanks everyone.

    Sorry I meant we had budgeted £750 if our friend was taking the photos but fully expect to pay more.

    It turns out oh is quite picky and he rejected several before I found the style he was looking for. 

    We found a local chap and we are seeing him on Tuesday. It was really important we had someone whole could cope with the november light and the British weather. I like using local independent suppliers where possible. Oh wanted someone who would give him direction whilst taking the photos but equally I wanted someone great at reportage.

    John122 thanks we will be asking our friends ans family to take additional photos. 

    Britbird their photos are beautiful and oh loves them too. They are definitely on the reserve list. 

    Spice3 great photos I can see why you would love them.

    LauraGrace thank you for such a comprehensive list of suggestions. Apologies I didn't word my post well. We are happy to pay the going rate but had budgeted less as a friend was going to do them ( but still a decent amount for her to be paid) 

    Emma30 thanks for the suggestion I have saved her page just in case


  • Spice3Spice3 Posts: 122
    Emma-30 wrote (see post):

    I would highly recommend our photographer Sarah Williams, she is amazing and very reasonably priced. Have a look at her photos and ask for a price. She is based in the south east but covers anywhere in the U.K. I think. Our wedding was a few weeks ago and she was brilliant on the day. 

    Sarah looks amazing!

  • You should be able to book a decent photographer for that budget.  Perhaps just book them for half a day.  Its for you to decide if they are good or not.  When you meet them make sure:

    - You really get on well as this is vital to making you feel relaxed

    - They have lots of different weddings with lots of different people to show you, not just one or two very arty weddings in a portfolio.

    - They have decent professional kit and are insured.  Most venues I attend, want to see my insurance paperwork.


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