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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone has any cost cutting ways of making your tables look good with a small budget. I was wondering if anyone bought their own wedding flowers for the tables rather than use a florist? I'm getting my bouquet and the bridesmaids flowers from a florist but can't justify the cost of wedding table flowers. We will only be having 7 tables and I want something simple like a couple of roses and a spray in little jars. Has anyone done this themselves and made it look good...not cheap 🙈


Thanks in advance! 


  • Plenty of people buy flowers to do themselves. 

    I think Sammykate did her own jam jars with purchased flowers - you should check out her report, I think it's titled something like "summer in the cotswolds".

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    We are using mixed bud vases that we have brought for £30 from pound stretcher and IKEA and the florist is going to fill them for £120. We have gone for a mix of time saving and cost saving. Our wedding was no expense spared but our blessing which I know will be just as lovely has the tiniest budget.

    i was initially going to fill the vases myself using high street supermarket flowers but I really need the time with a 1pm service so the florist will drop them at the pub. 


  • Clare177Clare177 Posts: 5

    I think I will get silk/foam flowers from

    They have great prices and also offer wholesale on the link I copied. Seems a much cheaper way to get lovely flowers, especially if you have allergies like me :-)

  • 60720196072019 Posts: 45

    We're using a wholesalers for all of our flowers as we have quite a tight budget, the ones we will be using are Triangle Nursery and we're literally bulk buying flowers like carnations and gypsophila and sticking them in jars etc :) 

  • Mel40Mel40 Posts: 4

    Thank you! I'm going to get a quote from the florist and see what I'm dealing with price wise but love those little jars with different flowers in 😍

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