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My florist sent me my quote yesterday, and its all fine apart from the mums corsages which are £22 each. That wouldnt be too bad but we have to buy 6, for mums, stepmums and nans, so over £130 on corsages that are going to wilt and die.

I really dont want to pay that and I dont see the point or corsages anyway really, but they all want them. Had anyone got any alternative ideas or suggestions here?

My mums suggested buying fake ones off ebay but they look pretty rubbish!


  • Are corsages for parents a thing? I wasn't aware of this. I would probably just forget about them to be honest, especially if you're not bothered about them having them. If they're so sure they want them, can they not club together and pay for them themselves? It's quite a lot of money to expect you to pay for when you have so many other wedding expenses.

  • Nip to Tesco the day before and brush up on YouTube? 

    Luckily we only need 4 and ours are only £10 each - I'm still not overly impressed mind lol

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    That seems so expensive! What are you having, are you having the ones that actually tie round their wrist or pin on? Ours are only £12 each for the ones that are pinned. 


    These ones are artificial which I don't think look too bad and are a much better price? 


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    Have a look at some of the artificial ones on Facebook.  I found a few sellers on there - in my local area so I could go and see/speak to them.  We are going fake I think.  

  • That does seem very expensive!! Our corsages are £8 each from the florist. I find it crazy how flowers can vary in price so much! 

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    Can they not just have buttonholes instead? It's all good and well if they want them but that's a lot of money so maybe they should buy their own!! Maybe they could have a different colour flower etc?

    We had corsages for mums but only because they were part of our flower package, I don't think I would pay that much extra for them. 

  • MrsStobe4MrsStobe4 Posts: 282

    I think mine are £8 each! And that's from a big city centre florist so yours are ridiculously expensive! You should definitely be able to find cheaper. Our of interest, do your other flowers from there seem expensive?

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    Im happy with the other prices yeah, and she did say its the week before christmas so prices are a bit higher than usual, but my bouquet is £100, bridesmaids £50 each, buttonholes £7, £10 for groom, £4 for boys. Top table thing £60 etc. I think its all reasonable apart from the corsages!

    Ill have a look at those links and think about the artificial route. Dont think I could make my own, Im useless with flowers, cant even make them look ok in a vase 😂

  • MrsStobe4MrsStobe4 Posts: 282

    The other prices do seem reasonable. Has she explained why the corsages are so much more expensive? Other than it's close to Christmas. I assume the same flowers are being used throughout? And it can't be the cost of the ribbon to tie them! 

  • A corsage is just a big buttonhole isnt it? Id just get them buttonholes for less than half the price. 

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    She said:

    The corsages are made up of smaller flowers to create a cluster, all the flowers are wired and taped individually so it’s a lot of work to keep them lightweight enough to wear. We could potentially make them cheaper if we did a fancy buttonhole instead of a corsage, say maybe 1 flower and some foliage to make it look like a spray of flowers ? The traditional corsage is very time consuming to do, we could do the buttonhole for between £10-£15 depending on the flowers used xx

    What do we think to that?

  • My opinion is that just the MOBs and MILs should have a corsage these can vary in price - I paid 20 euros for one that was a wrist band as MOB had a floral embellishment on her jacket - everyone else in the bridal party should have a corsage.


  • Have you tried looking at artificial ones on Etsy. There are a lot of different varieties and it's where I found my florist who is doing all my bridal flowers artificial.

  • My mum had a lapel corsage, which was essentially a fancy buttonhole - £10, and MOG had a wrist corsage which was a number of flowers wired to a bracelet - £15.

    They were both really chuffed with these. I think it should really only be mum's to be honest, we did offer my nan one as she's really close to us, but she declined.

    Our other flowers were a bit cheaper than yours though (bouquet: £70, BMs £45, buttonholes £7, £9 for Groom)..

  • imageimage

    excuse the upsidedown bouquet 😒

    I don't have my official photos back yet but this might give you an idea...

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    The stepmums will be having them, theyve been in our lives for almost as long as our mums and are just as deserving, maybe ill drop the nans though! Thatd save £45 straight away and it doesnt seem so bad then.

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