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Professional Studio Photographer looking to expand Portfolio - Free Wedding

** Dear Admin if this is in the wrong section i apologize **


Hiya, I`ve only just joined this forum, it was highly recommended along side one other forum from a recent client of mine! Firstly i will start with a little bit about myself.

Hi I`m Ali I`m 30 years old, I live in Blackburn, Lancashire and I guess my title would be PRO PHOTOGRAPHER but i consider myself more of an artist. I like to think outside the box and help my clients capture special moments and images BUT we try and do so in creative ways.
For most of my career i have owned my own studio (Excellency Designs, Perhaps the locals are familiar with it) and done BOTH commercial & Portrait photography , including catalog shots for a number of well known brands.
It is now coming to 2018 & i am venturing into wedding photography, I no longer deal with the studio or commercial photography ( Excellency Designs) I am officially dedicating all my time towards wedding photography having invested thousands for the latest cutting edge in camera technology to allow me to deliver to you the best possible images!
Please feel free to check out my existing portfolio & i hope to expand the wedding portfolio over the next few weeks!
I hope to not only deliver creative wedding photos BUT also depending on the couples can implement photo manipulation to create out of this world fantasy like photos!
Please Check out my Flickr to see some of my work, As you can see it mainly consists of Creative and fashion photography , So you can see i am a very capable photographer with a creative eye & years of experience!
So my next step is to build the wedding portfolio so why not allow me to assist at your wedding & take great SHOTS which will allow me to extend my portfolio!
Don`t be shy, drop by & say Hi!!
Have a chat or why not let me take you for a hot drink so we can discuss things further!!

Now you know a little bit more about ME & what i would like to achieve why don`t you tell me a little bit about yourselves? & more so about your wonderful day you have planned!!! (The excitement of weddings never seems to fade *Gets all giddy*)

I am potentially looking for couples who are getting married THIS YEAR 2017, as i am dedicating these next 2 months solely on building my portfolio. I am not so interested in the payment side AS the portfolio is more important to me. So if you can't afford a photographer or are struggling chat with me , let me know so i can help you, I am willing to work for FREE in order to build this portfolio. Also considering Pre-Wedding Shoots if that intrests you.
So please check out all the albums on my flickr, read the descriptions etc so you can see my vision more clear.

** Important Notice : "I am not just another person who received a Camera for Christmas & now think they`re a professional photographer. I have years of experience with extensive training & more importantly I consider myself an ARTIST. If you give me the chance to shoot at your wedding I promise to deliver some fantastic Images" **

In most cases you will already have booked a photographer for your wedding BUT why not have a second photographer shoot at your wedding too? Or i am even willing to assist your existing photographer.

**Note to other wedding Photographers, If you Require an Assistant OR Second Shooter I am willing to do so to build my portfolio**

**I am both CRB cleared & I am fully Insured, I have Pro Level Equipment Including Backups ( Can never be to careful )

My Portfolio is attached[email protected]/albums

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