Do I postpone my wedding ?

Me and my h2b have planned to get marryed next year 2018 in September a small wedding of only about 40 in the day and 60 in the evening I have booked the venue and payed the deposit  also booked the register and payed the deposit for them. but due to my h2b coming out of work for health issues we have found ourselves snuggling with money with all the other every day bills and really dont think we will be able to afored the wedding that we both wound like. we are both thinking about postpone the wedding by a year but unsure if the venue will allow us to and also what about the regist will and if they want us to pay to postpone if anyone has been in the same place before or has any helping note I would be gratefull ? 


  • Ah Hun, sorry to hear this but it's probably for the best if you are struggling.  Much better to have the day you both want in a years time than go ahead now and have to compromise too much.  

    In terms of the registrars office, they will change your date no problem, but you will have to pay to give notice again if you have already done this.  I'm not sure where you are but where I live this would be 2 x £35.  However with a year to go you should not have paid this already so the change should be free of charge.

    In terms of your venue it will totally depend on how kind they are going to be.  I would explain the situation and see if they will move your date forward 1 year and not take your deposit.  Legally they could do, but morally, I would hope they will be reasonable, after all you are not cancelling, but just moving the date.

    I wish you all the best, I hope it goes okay and congratulations on your upcoming wedding in 2019!  I'm sure it will be wonderful!  

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    aww good luck with changing it, i think its wise as you don;t want the unnecessary financial worry x

  • I would consider postponing. You don't want to cut back on your wedding then, later on, regret it.

    Your registrar will most definitely change the date for you providing you've not given notice yet (going on how our registrars work). As for your venue, it's entirely down to them and whether they have availability for the following year that you want. 

    Best of luck sweetie x

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