What is your wedding Budget is £9,000 realistic?

I am so happy to be planning my wedding for august this year, initially I thought I could do so on £7,000
however that has now increased to £9,000. 

What is your wedding budget?

Just so I know if I'm really under-doing it!

Trying to cut back but finding it hard hmmmm


  • £9,000 is a healthy budget. I find budgets to be a very personal thing. Some ladies I've seen have had a tiny budget yet got everything they wanted, and others have had huge budgets and just the same got everything they wanted. 

    We're getting married out of season on a Friday so we got an out of season offer with our venue. 

    we don't have a 'budget' as such. Ideally, we didn't want to spend more than £5,000 (I'm doing a lot myself, very DIY wedding) ... however, this we've come to realise won't cover everything. 

    We know the areas we don't want to cut back on and where we're happy to compromise on. x

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    there's a post somewhere about a bride doing it on a 2k budget - she went a bit over if I recal but my point is 9k is totally doable.

    As Nikki has said - decide what's important and whats less important and that will hrlp you to focus 

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    I think 9K is definitely doable. But i also think it's all relative to how many people you are having, types of flowers, etc :) 

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    It's really doable depending on what you want/ venue/ etc :) Its bigger than my budget!

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    Our budget was around £10k, this is now closer to £13k, and yet we are not getting everything we wanted due to the guest lost being bigger than planned (H2B's doing grrrr). £9k is very do-able, but don't be surprised if you go over, it depends on what you class as important and what you can compromise on! :)

  • how long is a piece of string?  lol.

    Its entirely up to you x


    Some interesting posts on a similar subject here:


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    My first marriage was £8000 and what we had made our day good for us. This time we’re spending more, mostly on venue and flowers but wouldn’t change it for anything.

    It’s about prioritising what’s important and what you could do without. First time I had no flowers, this time I have. First time I had a horse and cart this time I’m not, you catch my meaning.

    Good luck x

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    Including the honeymoon ours is just over £15000, but our honeymoon is £4000. There are so many different things I hadn't budgeted for, such as dress alterations, wedding party gifts, hair & makeup etc.. 

    £9000 is a good budget though! 

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    There are so many factors that dictate wedding budgets, so it is hard to say.  Ours is more than 3 times you are looking at, but then we have decided to pull out all the stops, and have 140 day guests, and another 80 for the evening.  That alone adds a huge amount of cost. Everyone is different, and none of us are wrong. There are plenty of people out there who have had a budget around the same as yours, and have found it achievable.  Just remember, it is your day, and focus on what is special to you and your H2B.  

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    I got married in November, we had a lovely venue, which we had for the weekend and guests could pay to stay as well, sit down meal for 70 in the day, 90 for the evening and we came in about £10,000. I did have artificial flowers that i did myself so no florist but other than that we had all the usual stuff really so its definitely do-able you just need to be realistic and as others have said make sure your budget includes everything and that you have contingencies as there are always extra things you haven't considered or that you end up splurging on etc, just make sure they are things you can afford to do :)

  • My wedding came in at 6K and i got everything i wanted, it was more than i wanted to spend too.

    I shopped around and that definitely helped.


    A wedding can be as expensive or not as you want it to be x

  • Ours is about 3k, but our wedding day is only accommodating just over 20 people and we're having a more casual day so as a happy by-product that means we don't need a big budget. We're not having live music, the flowers will be artificial, the ceremony is at a registry office, we are having a bbq not a formal meal,I don't have a traditional wedding dress from a boutique etc. It is possible to cut down if you find alternatives, but it's all relative to the kind of day you want as a couple :) 

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    My wedding budget was originally £4000, but we actually spent just a little under £5000 - because fairly last minute we decided our (adult) children would be giving me away, be best man, bridesmaid etc and we bought new suits for them/new dresses for our girls. 

    We kept it low by having afternoon tea as the main wedding breakfast for 49 guests, then we had an evening do. 

    Also our photographer was just starting out when we booked him and we got a fantastic deal of £500 including an engagement shoot. 

    I didn't have a 'proper' wedding dress, but a Phase 8 dress in the sale, and we got everything from ebay/made it myself.   I love imageflowers but we didn't go overboard in the church and took the church flowers in jam jars to the venue.  It was a fabulous day - see my report (Was 18 weeks long enough to plan my wedding) for more pics but this is what we got...!



    my neighbour made the cake (just sponge and buttercream and jam) as a wedding gift.



    I wanted fireworks, but of course with a 4k target, that was out of the question, but I got long burn sparklers from ebay and we had loads of fun with them!


    the venue was cheap as October was considered out of season


    We had a band - friends of ours, so got a good deal - and then had an open mic evening for our friends and guests to show off their talents!


    It's possible to have a wonderful day at a reasonable price - I think your 9k budget should give you an amazing day - ours was wonderful on about half that.

    Good luck!

  • Epiphany, Your wedding looked so pretty! x

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Depends on who (number of guests), where, what etc. It's difficult to say without more info x

    You can get married on any budget depending on what you want your day to be if that makes sense

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    Thank you Nikki Mrs C to be - I think you can have a lovely wedding for 5k, but it just depends what's important to you both.

    We didn't have wedding cars, a videographer, fireworks, 'wedding attire', gifts for each other (apart from the wedding rings), a three course meal, lots and lots of guests,  place name cards, favours, etc - and that saved us a lot of money - but those things are important to some couples and so a bigger budget is needed.


    It's up to the couple, but to answer the OP's question - I think 9k is enough to have a lovely day.

  • Hi,

    With regards to your post, have you thought about getting married abroad, I know some people cant due to the family not being able to travel, but a friend of mine has booked her Wedding through an ATOL Travel company in South Wales called Five Star Travel who specialist accredited Sandals resorts agent, and offer Free Weddings at all their resorts, if you stay a minimum of 5 nights, with no catches.

    The cost getting married here is ridiculous, hence why they did this option, spend the money on yourselves, and have a smaller party for everyone when you get back? Makes sense.

    They are offering up to 60% off the main brochure prices as well, something well worth looking into, they were fab with all that they did for my buddy & wife to be.

    Their website is: www.fivestartravelholidays.co.uk 

    Good Luck.

  • Your budget is exactly whatever you want to spend on the things that are important to you and your groom. 

    We're doing it on under £1k, with the church taking £614 of that, but we're also only having a small cake and punch reception, and expecting only 35-45 people for a two hour church hall reception. (Our numbers are ... hazy, because now the banns have been read, my church family are all insisting on turning up and with the reception being literally attached to the church there's no opportunity to say "OK bye-bye now!" And we love them anyway so it's all good). 

    Our budget is small not because we're broke (which we are but that's not the point!) but because, for us, it's about our vows of committment to each other and God. However, we totally understand that type of wedding is definitely not for everyone - if you want to have the big weekend-long party with all the frills and favours, go do it! 

    Your budget simply needs to accommodate all of your 'must-haves', most of your 'like to haves', and zero 'do we have to haves?' and then you're all set for the day of your life :D 

  • Not really got a set budget but i'm hoping to spend no more then £4500, my mum is paying for my dress so that's saved on our budget. 

  • We're squeaking in at 9k including honeymoon but have made a fair few compromises along the way.

  • We are having the wedding we want at fabulous venues for less than £5000.

    You can get married for less than £1000.  Everything else is down to personal choice x

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    If I could have a wedding for under £1,500 - you definitely can have a wedding for £9,000! Budgeting is hard work but I found wedding forums like this, word of mouth recommendations from friends and family and DIY wedding crafts to be very useful. Good luck

  • We got engaged in January this year and everything is booked for April next year. We decided we could save around £1000 a month without gong without so we set ourselves a budget of £12000, we're slightly over but not by much, we managed to get an absolutely amazing deal on our venue because April is not in 'wedding season' so that's really helped to keep us around our budget. That's not including honeymoon though.


    I've been to many weddings where they've paid various amounts with the smallest being £1500 and the biggest being £14500 and they've all been just as good as the next. It's all personal choice and as long as you're not going without in your everyday life then just spend what you can afford. there's no set budgets for people. it'll be amazing no matter what your budget is :)



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    Our wedding budget is around £8500, for 70 people in the day and another 30-40 in the evening.


    Where we have compromised is having a town centre old barn venue rather than countryside/stately home - the package we have got in a similar countryside venue was 1/3 more and in a manor house type venue we were looking at double. We know the venue and it's owners and I trust them as I've held smaller functions there before, plus they have won numerous wedding awards. 

    We are either just being driven by a relative with a nice car or booking an executive airport taxi which is a Merc or Audi saloon and a lot cheaper than a 'wedding car'.

    Our friends all work in the City and all have lovely suits which fit them amazingly, so the male wedding party members are wearing their own suits, we are just providing ties and pocket squares. I have a hatred of ill fitting Moss Bros suits anyway!

    I chose popular styles of flower girl and bridesmaid dresses from Monsoon and Little Mistress then just watched for them all on eBay and bought them as they came up in the right sizes - loads of people sell their bridesmaid dresses and they are all in perfect condition and I paid no more than £15 per dress.

    It's easy to make savings if you can think outside the box a bit.


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