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Loans! Going to take out a loan for wedding.

Going to take out a loan for wedding. Monthly repayments affordable and will undoubtedly ease stress. Anyone else done it and can share advice? Partner and I are saving too but with our wedding date wont have enough in time 🙄


  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    Honestly I know you will probably do it anyway but is it really how you want to start your married life? 

    I've heard that wedding blues can be a real issue. I can't imagine how bad they must be if you're still paying for a day that went by in a blur. Please just really think it through. 

    We are having to really tighten our belts to be able to afford the wedding we want. I refuse to spend a penny on the wedding after the day. I want us to be able to have a couple of nice holidays as husband and wife then save for my maternity leave.


  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,128 New bride

    Look for a low interest deal, often banks will reward loyal customers with preferential rates.

    Alternatively look at credit cards with a long balance free period on purchases. Ensure you pay a set amount per month that is enough to clear the balance before the interest free period expires. If that's not going to be achievable then you can transfer the balance to another card usually for a long period of no interest. You will pay a fee to transfer the balance so that's something to be aware of.

    There is stigma that surrounds debt (I am a debt advisor by profession) and I would strongly advise not to get into debt unless you have to and unless you have the means to pay it back. That said, if you are able to do it then debt can be manageable. 

    I don't see the point in telling you not to do it as if you had that option I'm sure you wouldnt be asking the question. 

    Happy to answer any questions you may have if you want to message me. 

  • It's not quite the same thing, but last year I took out an interest free credit card to pay for a ski trip, 8 months later I was still paying the trip off and it was incredibly annoying and depressing, the trip itself was worth it but being in debt was not.  So I echo the point above about wedding blues and a massive debt not being worth it

  • Amy491Amy491 Posts: 58

    We got interest free credit cards to pay for our honeymoon. It was totally worth it and we will have paid it off within a year. I didn’t get any sort of post wedding blues and I don’t regret spending what we did.

    however only you know your circumstances. this was the only debit (apart from student loans and our mortgage) and I knew whay we could comfortably afford to pay back every month. I think my attitude would have been different if we didn’t already have our house or if we had kids for example.

    So I agree that this is a question only you and your partner can answer

  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 606 New bride

    We got a loan to pay for our wedding and don't regret it one bit. We got a great APR deal, 4% I think it was, and as it was the only way we could realistically afford to get married it was a decision we were more than comfortable with. We got it over 5 years and so have 18 months left to go, but I've never felt like it's a mill stone round our necks or anything. Thankfully we could more than comfortably afford the repayments, otherwise we simply wouldn't have done it.

  • @Becky111 made a good point, wedding blues are a real thing and can cause some issues. 

    However it sounds like @reinagrief1ee did a similar thing without any problems. 

    It's a tough one, whatever your decision sleep on it. give it a few more days after making your decision and see if you still feel the same way. 
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