Ebay Wedding Dress

I know this does come at a risk, however I brought my wedding dress from ebay second hand.  The dress arrived, not only did it just cost £35, but if fits like a glove.

There was a lovely note inside wishing me a happy wedding day, the lady even sent me matching gloves (which were not included in the listing).

It is well worth shopping around for secondhand dresses, as they are so so expensive!


  • Wow  - That's great news! A risk worth taking.

    I would have definitely bought 2nd hand from Ebay, its more the ones from abroad you need to be wary of!


    well done for bargain hunting

  • kate268kate268 Posts: 75 New bride

    Yep, mine was too and it was (in my opinion) perfect. And how lovely too that you got a note, must be doubly nice to know the previous owner was obviously a nice person too. Congratulations!

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