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Hi everyone :)

Just wondering if anyone can help out, i went wedding dress shopping and put some money down on a dress and have been paying an amount each months. The dress has not been ordered because I was currently still paying off the 50% and havent Even paid close to that...


I have seen another dress elsewhere and now this other place is saying any money paid is non refundable? I have not received any type of invoice or signed any paperwork which states this especially because the dress has not even been ordered so feels as though they are just getting a couple hundred ££ for nothing!! 

Anyone been in this situation is there a way to get my money back?


thanks 😃 x


  • Hi Amy,

    I'm currently paying towards the first 50% of my dress ready for it to be ordered in October.

    On the receipt given to me following my initial payment, it stated no refunds given on any deposit even if the dress hasn't been ordered and the lady in the shop made it clear to me too.

    I'd definitely fight for your deposit back if you wasn't informed of that t&c when you made your initial payment, because you won't have a written or verbal contract to be held to. Good luck.

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Did you get a receipt or anything when you paid the deposit? 

    Are you 100% sure that they have not ordered the dress? Ideally you should get some of the money back if not as the deposit would be for any losses they have incurred. 

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    50% non refundable deposit seems to be standard, I think all the shops I went in had the same policy. There may be a sign in the shop/you may have been told verbally.

    I think they are allowed to hold what you’ve paid if it’s reasonable you’ve been told in some way. Have you asked them to point out to you where it states there position and how you agreed to it? 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,471 New bride

    That is pretty standard I would say.  Mine was verbal, but she did say I could change my mind on the actual dress until it was ordered

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride

    Ask for a copy of their written T&Cs - if they can't provide any with proof you agreed to them then ask for your money back.

    However, I don't understand the concept of paying them money weekly until they have enough to order your dress - why not save the money yourself and then pay the whole deposit at the point of ordering and get a contract/receipt etc? What's the deposit for if nothing is on order?

    I would never pay a bill until it was due, and certainly wouldn't pay in advance without contract. On another wedding forum there was recently a lady who had paid her photographer £900 in monthly instalments, cash, way before the wedding, with no receipts and no wedding insurance - he then advised he had left the country for several months until after her wedding date and wouldn't refund her until his return! There are some absolute shysters out there unfortunately.

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 835 New bride

    Seems pretty standard to me. I would never really expect to get a deposit back from any supplier. I think dress shops have to do this, otherwise they’d have people changing their mind left right and centre and ultimatelu their time and business wasted. Seems reasonable to me. Were you told verbally about the policy? 

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