artificial flowers? advice needed please!

hi, is anyone having/had artificial instead of real flowers?

i was looking on ebay last night & saw some beautiful bouquets & button holes. with my teeny budget i think i might go down this route (plus it'd be nice to keep them after).

has anyone bought them off ebay? any recomendations?



  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    Hi I bought mine from Sarahs Flowers on ebay. Lots of ladies on here have as well! Email me if you want a pic!

  • JB69ukJB69uk Posts: 499
    If you look at the chatroom topic by following this link it shows several reccommodations:

  • sairnysairny Posts: 87
    Sarah's flowers are excellant.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    thats fantastic guys, lots of recomendations for sarah's flowers & the bridal workshop.

    i'll have a look now...

    cate - are your flowers of good quality? would you be able to email me a picture of them? thanks.
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    They are great! When you are holding them, it's obvious to you that they are not real, but to everyone else, they look real. Also, I don't have to bother with preserving them afterwards, cos I will be too busy on my honeymoon. I have sent you an email
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    i've replied to your email cate.

    i've also had a look on sarah's flowers - they look stunning!

    i really like the thought of being able to keep them after too, i've always been a bit soppy about flowers dying & having to throw them out!
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    Me too, I have gone for balloons for the tables, because I don't want to kill flowers! H2b said "but what about all the balloons you will be killing" The flowers were £20 ish, and I got a buttonhole to match
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    hi cate, i've just got in from work & have checked out your bouquet pictures - it looks beautiful!

    i'm going to go with artificial - my mind is made up!

    thanks again.

  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    Hi ladies, can i please have a look at the flowers? Can you email them to me please? I have a meeting with a lady ref wedding flowers on tuesday night, but i think she's going to be pricey, even tho not real. So i would like to keep my options open.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    hi sue.

    check out the following:

    i've sent off for a couple of samples, & if the quality is a good as they look, i'll be buying mine from one of these shops.
  • Ladies,

    I've used the bridal workshop for my bouquet which is gorgeous, they are really good. I've also used The Florest on ebay for bridesmaids bouquets and buttonholes which are lovely as well and a good price. Am all for silk flowers!
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    Hi Ladies, thanks for your help. I've ordered some samples from Sarah's Flowers, so fingers crossed they are as fab as the pics i've seen. x
  • Could somebody send me a pic of their bouquets and buttonholes please, [email protected]

  • Just wanted to say that I've looked at the 2 websites that were mentioned further up this post and the flowers look fantastic. I think my biggest problem will be choosing what to have, are there any rules that I should keep in mind when deciding? Should I try and and get something that will have the same colour as my daughters bridesmaids dress in?
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    mrs barnes i'm having the problem as you - so many beautiful flowers to choose from!

    i think i know for sure that i want a fairly simple bouquet of ivory roses, but i also love the pink star gazer lillies, so i may have those for my bridesmaids (we're having a black & white theme so i think hot pink will make a lovely accent colour).

    i've even got my eye on a bouquet from sarah's flowers - the luxury hand tied ivory rose bouquet:

    i've been taking sneeky peaks at it all day at work!
  • Shellbob, I'm getting married in Cyprus and the bride bouquet and groom buttonhole are included as part of the wedding package but I have no idea what they will be like. I dont know if it will just be something standard that they give out to all the brides and grooms and I dont want to be disappointed if i end up not liking it.

    I also have no idea if my bouquet should match the bridesmaids and if the buttonholes should match mine etc lol.

    God Im crap at all of this.
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    I am having silk flowers do you think that this means that if i have silk buttonholes the guests will know ?

    Any pictures i would be really gratefull
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    i'm sure there are rules to this mrs barnes but i think you can have whatever you want!

    i've seen some weddings where the bridesmaid bouquets are just a smaller version of the brides.

    i think the button holes are supposed to match the bride bouquet. have you seen photos of the bouquet you'll get? can they send you a photo of what it'll look like so you can look for matching or contrasting bridesmaid bouquets?

    cyrpus sounds lovely btw.
  • Unfortunately you dont find out about the bouquets etc until you get to resort which is why im a little apprehensive.

    I think i will end up taking artificial everything just to be on the safe side.

    I just had a quick look on ebay and found some buttonholes that i like and a bridesmaid posie. I would want them all in ivory and pale blue cus my daughters bridesmaid dress is a pale blue.
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    Could somebody send me a pic of their bouquets and buttonholes please, [email protected]


    I have sent mine!
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    i've had a look at those links mrs barnes - they're beautiful, the pink bouquet especially.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    my sample flowers have arrived & they are beautiful & really good quaility.

    i ordered a pink stargazer lilly & an ivory rose from sarahs flowers.
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    Hey i got my samples this morning to, which is pretty quick service. So already impressed with them. I had a mocha rose, a white rose and ivory rose with a diamonte (sp?). I love them. Only prob i got is my colour scheme is chocolate and aqua, and i want to incorprate some aqua in my flowers. How do i get this across to them at sarah's flowers? You can't visit place where they make them, as i emailed to ask and they replied saying they are an internet company only!!! Any ideas ladies?
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    sue - could you incorporate the other colour in with ribbons? feathers? if you explain what you want i'm sure they'll do their best to make it for you.
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    I was thinking that by trying it with roses and feathers, or maybe aqua and clear diamontes in the flowers, or aqua ribbon round the handle. I'll see what they say. but thank you for your help x
  • caraw84caraw84 Posts: 71
    i'm also having artifical flowers mines my avatar my chief bridesmaid has a smaller version of mine and the younger ones have matching posies. i've got H2B N Bestmen's buttonsholes from sarahs flowers (can't wait to get them) but they dnt match my bouquet tho as their having cream roses n thistle as their all scotish and wanted thistle in theirs.
  • i have bought all mine from sarahs flowers, they are gorgeous and looke very realistic, im so pleased with them, plus i have the bonus of keeping them.
  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    I used a local florist for mine, and made the buttonholes for the guests myself. Hubbies buttonhole was made to match my bouquet.

    Even tho they are artificial I still had to get mine reworked as it was really huge when he first made it.... and had a lot of other colours in, despite me telling him just ivory and green!

    Kathy x

  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    I got some bridesmaids bouquets off ebay, and a brides bouquet, you can get some good bargains if you are prepared to trawl through the hundreds of bouquets, Sarahsflowers2 and the bridal workshop both do bouquets with foam roses which i think are the most realistic, i went for flowers from private sellers to keep the cost down. I think my bridesmaids bouquets were originally from sarahsflowers2, but i got them much cheaper cos they were second hand, i don't like to see fresh flowers dying either, you can always re-sell your fake flowers on ebay.....
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920
    I bought six gorgeous table centre pieces from e-bay. Then while talking to the lady who I bought them from, got to bridesmaid and a gorgeous brides boquet which all match for a fantastic price.

    As I only have one chief bridesmaid I will throw the spare bridesmaid boquet, then put the centre pieces and the brides and one bridesmaid boquet back on e-bay to sell.

    This is my main bargain as I'm going to get at least a little bit back from these flowers. If I'd bought fresh for more than triple the price they wanted to charge me in Dumfries I'd be well and truly over budget.

    Would advise brides on a budget to look at what is really important to you, and think not just about the day, but what you can do with all your goods afterwards x
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