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Is £8000 to cheap for a wedding?

When we were shoping for our rings the other day a ladie asked us how much we wanted to spend on rings we said about £800.00 for the two then she said how much is it all costing in total we said about £8000 she said 2you must be cutting back on a lot of things then my daughter s cost us £22000 !" I was shocked cause we dont think we have cut back on anything really apart from we are not having a reception back here because we are getting married abroad. Its really got me down cause we have really struggled to allow our selves £8000 and I expected to be having a big wedding with all the trimmings


  • avrilukavriluk Posts: 63
    we're getting married in a church and having a reception at a hotel and its costing us about 9000 so i wouldnt worry. the only things we've cut back on is we're using friends cars as they're really nice cars and my friends are gonna do our hair and make up. its all the little things that make it special i dont think you need to spend a lot of money xx
  • lozzauk1lozzauk1 Posts: 82
    Hi Lanaismom,

    I don't think you have anything to worry about - I'm getting married abroad and it's the reception that's going to cost the largest amount most money, cutting that out saves a fortune!!! I think £8000 for a wedding aboard is more than enough to have the best day of your lives.

  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    of course, it is not! we are looking at spending less than £6000 and still we will get what we want. Spending a lot of money on a wedding does not mean, it will be classier, or more emotional...At the end of the day, we are all different and do things differently. As long as you are happy with your plan, it's the most important. Simple can be beautiful!

    Good luck,


  • Blimey, my reception is costing £10,000 we have to have 100 adult guests min at £100 a head, but it'll be worth it. We've budgeted £20,000 that's what we heard was average. we're getting married in the London area so everything is more expensive so I am finding out, same company hotel in Oxford is a third less than what we're paying. But hey, only gonna do it once image 399 days to go
  • Cheers ladies

    I have been reading some other posts about budgets and feel happier now I think my day will be fantastic we are having a sit own four course meal at my wedding venue in malta for about 30.00 guests and the food is simply fantastic , but now I have read some posts I am thinking of enquiring about hiring a marqee in my cousans garden(she has a fantastic house) and providing a buffet for all our other family/friends when we get back anyone know what sort of pice we are looking at for the w midlands area"

    cheers gem

    P.S If its to much I wont be having one! lol we are determined not to get into any debt for this wedding
  • Don't worry at all! My wedding (29 days to go!) is costing us around £7000 all in. That's for ceremony and all day reception for 60 at a lovely stately home venue. There's nothing that we feel we're missing out on or being deprived of, we've just been careful and looked out for the best deals, I've made all the stationary myself etc. Although it would be lovely to have an unlimited budget, you can have a fab wedding for a much more reasonable price. So don't let a snooty sales assistant make you feel bad - your wedding will be perfect!
  • Hi lanaismom,

    check out the thread Do you have a small budget??? further down in The Wedding Budget forum.

    This really cheered me up and I am going to be enterprising and make lots of things.

  • Just seen your new post so maybe you've read this now!
  • Katie88ukKatie88uk Posts: 535

    i set my budget for 8000, my reception is taking just over half of that, but im happy about that as we fell in love with the place as soon as we saw it.

    katie x
  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    My budget is about £8000.... but in euros its 12k... but I expect I'll be under that even with having the things we want - and that includes accomodation for our family over here in Spain for a week.

    Kathy x
  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    We've budgeted about £8,000 for the wedding and honeymoon and we're not cutting back on anything! My mother's wedding a few months ago cost more than double that, and probably at least 3 times that figure for the wedding and honeymoon!

    We're having what we want which is what matters - not how much it costs.
    hi there!

    me and the h2b have estimated around the same budget as u. ours is a full day in a hotel.....its costing 4 grand for that, and then anova 4 for all the other bits. dont worry wat the lady says......she didnt have to spend over 20 grand...personally i think its a little over indulgent! im getting everything ive ever wanted, for 8 grand, and cudnt possibly spend any more if i tried! i think, well done you for sticking to a budget and not leaving urself in debt!!! im sure your day will be perfect.
  • jholtuk1jholtuk1 Posts: 77
    Our budget it 5000 (5500 including contingency). For this we're doing everything in 1 venue, having approx 30 to the ceremony and wedding breakfast (including us) and some more to the evening. The only thing we haven't included here is the honeymoon but we decided we'd have a holiday next year anyway so we would have that separately - and I think we're going to have an account with a travel agents for our gift list to help with this anyway.

    Even on our small budget, we don't feel like we're not having what we wanted at all. No one says you have to spend a fortune - I think I'd enjoy it less if it cost 20 grand as I'd be worrying about all that debt!

  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    We're estimated around spending £10000 for our wedding and that is totally everything.

    It doesn't matter how much you spend some weddings can cost a fortune and look cheap.

    £8000 seems ok
  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    Im shocked - £8000 is a huge amount of money (well to me it is). our wedding is costing about 3000 and this is still a mega amount of money, which me and h2b are saving like mad for as we are by no means 'well off'. To me it's not the amount of money i spend its all about marrying the man i love!
  • Our wedding is costing approx £16,500. We knew it would come in at around the £15k mark. I have still had to cut back. I would have loved chair covers but this will add about £700 + to the bill.

    The reception is the biggest chuck as the wedding breakfast is for 220 people then another 100 for the evening.

    This is mainly becuase my parents divorced some years back and both have extended families of which we are all very close with. We have been saving for this wedding for about 5 years. We havent asked our parents for any money, they may surprise us....we hope!!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    8K is extremely cheap.

    but don't look on it as a bad thing!!! it's really really good - well done.

    I've just done a first costing that's come in at c.24K.

    (ok that's for a huge wedding, of roughly the same size as dual's, (we know too many people - aargh!) and with most things I've allowed too much, so as not to be short, but good lord!!).

    and as I have plenty of time, I'll also be utilising sales and special offers wherever possible so hopefully will save quite a bit more....and ebay is my special friend!!

    anyway, I don't think there's any such thing as too cheap - it's all about what you want.

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  • louisa25uklouisa25uk Posts: 422
    We''ve spent about 6000 on ours, which is an acceptable amount. Who's to say what's cheap or not? And who's to dictate how much is a "socially acceptable" amount to spend?? Spend whatever you want to-it's your day after all, and no-one should tell you how to have it. If 8000 gives you the day of your dreams, so be it!
  • omg that's fantastic I would be over the moon if our's was anywhere near that - we are at £23K and rising..!
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    When you hear of people spending £22,000 on a wedding you have to wonder why. I know there are parts of the country when venues are more expensive but is there any need to go THAT expensive?

    I apologise now to those brides to be that have spent that much and more (i know honeymoons are a big factor in large budgets too) I just know that for me i would rather have a new car or a large deposit on a house with that sort of money.
  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    I completely agree with u viv1. I think growing up with not much money has made me appreciate it much more- personally i would not want to spend thousands on one day when i could put it towards more important things. like i said in a earlier thread im spending around 3000 which is still huge and my partner and i have always said that even if we suddenly won loads of £ we would not change a thing we have planned. ours is small and simple. I dont wana get caught up in the expense of things and forget about the really meaning of the day.

    I have nothing against u brides spending large amounts of money as that is completely up to you and its what ever makes you happy i just know that for me its being anounced as Mrs to the man i love is more important thana all the material things that are so easy to get caught up in x
  • Comparisons are odious! I don't think there can be such a thing as a wedding that is too cheap. Ultimately, all of us on here have different financial and family circumstances and different ideas of what a perfect wedding will be. Some of us will borrow to pay for it, some will rely on family, some with save to pay for it themselves, some will combine these strategies in different ways. Equally, some will want to exchange their vows in a registry office with two witnesses followed by a glass of champagne while others will want the full works of a church service followed by a five-course banquet and dancing until dawn. It doesn't matter! If it makes you and your husband to be happy the cost, high or low, is immaterial. And all of us, whatever our budgets, are doing this for the immaterial moments, the look on the faces of those we love, the sound of our husbands making their vows to us, the happiness of the day. So while it is great to swap tips on how to save money and shop around, I don't think we should compare or criticise what others are spending!

    Sorry, rant over.:\)
  • It seems very easy to criticise people who are spending over the £15k mark but I am not sure why. It is not about what you 'need' to speand but what you choose. I can guarantee that there would be a million and one posts if anyone critised people who spent less which I am sure no-one would dream of doing. Surely it is down to personal choice as to what you spend your money on and what you can afford etc. There is not right or wrong thing to do and everyone (no matter what they are spending) knows the most important thing is that you are getting married not the money spent. Also, it is all down to a comparison, even £3k is a lot of money compared to what some people spend in some countries. Everyone on this site obviously cares loads about their weddings and is putting in loads of time and effort regardless of budget. However big or small a budget is does not reflect on how lovely and personal it will be for each of us but perhaps we can stop making those people spending more feel as if they are being extravagant and frivolous please!!! (before any reponses come back - I am in the middle, about £14/15k so am truely impartial and think everyone will have their own fab day!!!)
  • Thanks Vicki 10 Im so glad you are the voice of reason!! Im in a similar bracket to you but if im honest if i had it id spend 100K and it would be nobody's business but mine! At the end of the day if you have the money and want to spend it then great go ahead, if you dont and dont want to get into debt (which agree is sensible!) then dont its all a case of personal circumstance and choice.
  • Just remember that if we all had 20-30K to spend on our dream wedding i'm sure we'd all do it.

    The national average seems a bit off considering some of the posts on this site but then if you choose to have your reception in central london in a big posh hotel it'll cost waaay more than if you decide to use your local village hall in the middle of lincolnshire. The amount of guests you have will also make a huge difference 250 guests will seem massively expenisve against someone whos having 30.

    It's very difficult to say whether someone spending to much or too little there's too many variables. You just can't compare one wedding to another it just doens't work.

    At the end of the day as you get the wedding day you want it doens't matter if you spend 2k or 50k as long as you can afford it.

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    My partner and I are getting married in Mauritius with no guests, so technically the wedding itself (without the honeymoon) is costing about £300! (How's that for cheap!)

    I agree with what others have said - it really is about personal preference. I have never wanted a big wedding and for a number of reasons it makes sense for us to get married abroad on our own. Even though it's not my choice to spend a lot of money on a wedding I can see why others would want to and don't judge them for that - we're spending a lot of money on travel which would be seen as a waste of money to a lot of people.

    I think it's really all down to what's more important to people and compromise, because none of us have unlimited money (well at least I don't think so!) and have to go without some things to have what we want the most.
  • jholtuk1jholtuk1 Posts: 77
    That sounds really nice Kristy!

    If it were completely my decision, I think I'd be doing something similar. Especially after reading the Thomas Cook brochure which said some of its places in Thailand provided elephant rides and/or a baby elephant for photos (one of my fave animals!) .......

    ...........but h2b is the one who really wants to make a big fuss. I am amazed. I thought for my wedding people would have to control my spending, not me telling h2b maybe it's rather a lot!

    Anyone else finding this?
  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Ours is coming in at around 10grand. I dont think Ive scrimped on anything, Im getting everything I want.

    1 grand or 100grand who cares, its about the two of you that matter.

    Kerry x
  • My budget is 5k but this does not include my dress as my mum is buying that. I have booked the ceromony, sit down meal for 36 and evening reception for 150 and at the moment I am well under budget. I have also got alot of my table decorations and bags for favours etc from e-bay at a fraction of the cost quoted it other places.

    Just because you don't have a massive budget doesn't mean that you can't have the wedding of your dreamsimage Its all about marrying the correct person and celebrating with your friends & family not the bottom line.

    PS - this doesn't mean that if I was loaded I wouldn't have a massive wedding with an unlimited budget, of course I wouldimageimage
  • I dont think that 8 grand is cheap for a wedding mine cost us £3000 and it was a great day that was for 80 guests.
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