Santorini wedding 2020

Hi, just looking for some help/advice. Me and my partner are looking to get married in Santorini in summer 2020. We’ve got our hearts set on Le Ciel for both the ceremony and reception. Were expecting to have around 20-25 guests. 

Can anyone who has been married at Le Ciel give me a rough estimate of cost? When looking online I can only see wedding package costs but I’d like to have an idea of the total cost so I can budget for it. 

Also, any recommendations for wedding planners would be much appreciated. 

Thank you! :) 


  • Hi Laura ,

    Such a nice idea to get married in Santorini and especially in Le Ciel . In order to get an estimate  it is wise to contact a wedding planner , and let them know the services you need . I used Marryme in Greece [email protected] and Olympia explained to me everything 

    Happy search 




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