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Money worries :-(

get married in 11 months. Looking at booking honeymoon this week. Its looking quite pricey. Can feel myself starting to panic/worry over money. Still along way to go yet but if this is how im feeling now i dread to think how ill feel closer to the time. Please tell me im not alone in this lol :-) 


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  • VeeToMVeeToM Posts: 5

    Im setting our budget for 16k.. with honeymoon included. I think its do-able.. but its the fear of the unknown.. i want to no right now how much its going to be. I know i won’t be w crazy bride. Im too laidback. I dont even want to organise a wedding. Would preferred to leave it in the hands of a wedding planner. I just want a plain&simple wedding. All big important things are booked. its just the waiting around. Dieting. Searching for ideas (which i hate) lol. 


    Thanks for your reply :-)

  • I'd wait to book your honeymoon. You can get some brilliant deals on flights etc if you buy at the right time which can cut your prices down significantly. The same with vendors etc, if you aren't that fussed about the specifics, then find a venue/vendors where you only have to pay for the things you want and none of the extras. £16k sounds very reasonable as a budget, provided you're sensible with it and shop around. 

  • Hi.

    I am always worried about money - even when I have money I worry about it.

    You will make it work. Bit by bit.

    Myself and Other half have decided to wait until next June (we get married in 2 weeks) so we can save up after wedding, and we have asked family members for money toward honeymoon if they have asked what we would like. ( we didn't put a message in with the invite asking for money)/

    Try not to stress - there are ways to get a not too pricey honeymoon.

    I would say focus on the wedding costs first then honeymoon x

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    We are going on a cheap minimoon to northern Ireland for a few days after the wedding, costing about £300. Then we are going to assess our finances post wedding, and (without sounding mercenary) see how much cash we get as wedding gifts before we book our big family honeymoon. We are hoping to go to Mexico but we are quite happy to stick to Europe if need be :)

    We have kept our wedding fairly simple, as I'd rather not have too much financial stress - plus once you have kids it sort of reprioritises your ideas on spending!

  • VeeToMVeeToM Posts: 5

    There’s only one honeymoon we both want. Which is a caribbean cruise. orlando stay for a few nights beforehand & vegas at the end. The price we got seemed fine to us. I’m happy to spend abit more on honeymoon than a massive 20 or 30k wedding day (does that sound bad?).

    We are going to try push the wedding down to 10k.. i dont have a massive circle of friends/family. So maybe cut it to 80 day guests & 20-30 night guests. Should bring the price down. 

    MrsCtoBee i’m from Northern Ireland. Belfast. Good choice of minimoon :-) hope it goes good


    Gettingwed1803 - we get married september 2019. So our honeymoon is in october. (I know hurricane season). We were always doing honeymoon in march/april 2020 but we both sort of felt it wouldnt feel as special to us & would end up costing us more again if we done a minimoon just after the wedding plus a big honeymoon.. 

    There’s just so much to think about 🙈 

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  • I've been stressing over money, I hate debt and I hate paying interest.  Our wedding is costing us £18k plus the honeymoon, which I think will be about £6k.  We're having £3k gifted to us from my parents, which is going directly towards the wedding.

    It took me a while to be okay with the costs and I worked out that the amount of interest we'll pay (as a chunk of it will go on credit cards), would have been outweighed by price increases if we had waited and saved before doing things.

    The most difficult amount for me to come to terms with was the honeymoon, I was hoping it would be more like £3k, but looking at options, for the dream, once in a lifetime holiday it's more £6k.  The turning point for me was that I went to a funeral of a 36 year old, who used to be my neighbour and was married to a guy I went through primary and high school with, unfortunately she died of bowel cancer.  At the wake there was a photo presentation of her life and I was looking at it thinking, "that could be me up there, we've basically lived the same life" and that's when I decided that the experience is more important than paying a little interest on my credit card.

    Now I'm not encouraging anyone to get in to debt that can't be managed, but I am encouraging people to do what they dream of doing if they can, because life's too short and we need to make the most of it.

    Sorry if this is a bit of a sad post, just wanted to share my thoughts.

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride

    It's so tricky getting the balance of 'once in a lifetime' and ' it's only one day/holiday' right, isn't it?

    For us, we've been strict about what we can do without for the wedding (such as a fancy venue, videographer, live band, etc.), which has been difficult but at least we've kept our costs down to around £12k. I'm not a fan of the usual advice of cutting down the guest list to keep down costs, as for me it's important to have everyone we want there. If someone's made it to the List, they're there because we want them there, so it would be an impossible task to work out who to not invite!

    We have booked a mini-moon in a nearby spa, and were planning to check out some last minute deals for a honeymoon early next year. However, now that we've just had an offer accepted on a house it looks like all our money is going to have to go into solicitors instead :(. I'm glad we've booked the mini-moon now, as our dreams of doing something special for a honeymoon seem to be slipping away. However, hopefully we will be on the property ladder instead, which I suppose is the more important thing!

  • VeeToMVeeToM Posts: 5

    Jessica Rabbit - I'm the same. We actually have it all sorted out in our heads how we are paying for everything and we are saving away. we cut down the likes of sky, phone bills etc and put that extra into savings. I always use credit union loans. have done for the last load of years. so we have that to fall back on. I just still panic thinking we wont have the money.. ahh.. I don't feel as bad paying 4.5k for our honeymoon now lol. Yeah that was a sad post but it does make you think about life..

    We are just having the most basic wedding. Like we aren't having photo booths or anything like that. Our venue isn't the biggest. It would fit one but I'd rather not. OmRum - yes a house is must more important. It's for a life. A holiday can be booked at anytime. & can still be used as a honeymoon. You could even go on a honeymoon on your 1st wedding anniversary after getting some money gathered together. On the plus side you still have a minimoon and will have a special relaxing time to yourselves after the wedding before all the furniture/decorating madness begins on your new house :)

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