What do you consider to be a low-cost wedding?

Our wedding is a couple of weeks away and our total bill is £8,700, excluding honeymoon. Just wondering if this would constitute as a low-cost wedding as I know its a lot less that most people spend but also seems like a ridiculous amount for one day! 


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I class low cost as anything under £5000.

    Ours is coming in at around £12000 and I think it's ridiculous lol

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    I would say anything £9kish and under - depending on numbers etc. Then medium I'd say £10-20k, and I'd class anything over that as expensive.

    Our wedding will be between £8.5-9k. I still feel it's a lot of money but I'm also aware we have cut alot of 'standard wedding'  costs - so no cars, no suit hire, no hotel on wedding night etc.

  • I would class low cost as anything under £8k. I think it depends on where you're based though as I live in London and doing a wedding for under that here would definitely be a challenge!

  • I'd say anything under £5000.  If you're really dedicated to low cost, there are loads of things you can skip (favours, large guest lists, a brand new dress/ accessories, fancy transport) and if you're lucky, you can source family and friends to lend their talents in lieu of gifts (cake baking, music playing, use of a garden/ home).

    In reality, the only must-have cost to a wedding is the registrar/ officiant.

  • Probably anything below £8k is what I'd say are low-cost weddings.

  • HamidHamid Posts: 36 New bride
    Just curious - how many people would you be able to invite to attend on a budget of £8K?
  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride
    @Hamid you could either invite a lot but remove things like favours, unnecessary extras like matching robes, chair covers, dj instead of live band etc 
    Or invite less and still all the extras.

    Loads of nice hotels around me do offers for between 3 and 5 thousand which includes everything, including all those extras, for around 70 day guests and 30 extra evening ones so all you need to buy is outfits, rings, photographer, flowers in theory.
  • @Hamid it depends entirely on what type of wedding youre having! You could invite a lot more for an afternoon tea reception than a 3 course meal. Its very much how long is a piece of string. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    It totally depends on the venue you choose. We have chosen a pub/restaurant rather than stately home type venue, and we have 70 day guests and up to 120 in the evening for £8.5k.
  • HamidHamid Posts: 36 New bride
    Seems like 70 guests is a good enough number.  Ofcourse will be important to keep in budget before it skyrockets. 
  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 406 New bride
    Our wedding was around 11,000 but I still consider it fairly low cost... but I live in London so that probably colours my opinion 
  • Wow. I'm not going to spend anything more than 1000 euros total on mine. 
  • I think that's a perfectly reasonable budget. It's so easy to get carried away with weddings and spend more by far than is needed. 
  • I'd say under 5k is a small budget too compared to a lot I've seen. Ours is around 7k but that doesn't include honeymoon, we're gonna have a gift list where people can donate for that and book it after the wedding, so count that as a separate thing. 
  • I run a wedding venue and speaking as a wedding venue here are 6 ways you can get the cost of  a wedding reduced.

    1. Go Off season - winter dates

    2. Go for last minute dates and look for dates other venues have empty at short notice (say 3 - 6 months ahead). Even call a venue you like and ask if they have had any cancelled wedding dates they would like filled.  Or get yourself on a list to call if they get a last minute cancellation. We handle 110 weddings a year and get about 2 very short notice cancellations a year. Most Venues will get at least one short notice cancellation a year. They've had part payment/ a large deposit from the cancelled wedding. As the venue wants to fill the date with a booking, many venues will give you a good deal but they won't necessarily publicise that they have these late cancellations (not enough time to market them etc). 

    3. Consider an Evening Only party, typically with a wedding ceremony in a registry office or church, as you then avoid the cost of a Wedding Breakfast and all the table decor and so on. This will work with a venue close to the ceremony location and a location all your guests can get to easily. 

    4. Mid-week dates should be lower than weekends but maybe not what you want!

    5. Look for locations that are slacker off-season - e.g. Wales gets quiet in winter and so I expect do a lot of coastal hotels. 

    6. Some parts of the UK will be cheaper than others - Wales will be typically £10k less for a wedding than UK based on 2018 research I read that said the average England Wedding cost £26,000 while the average Wales Wedding cost £17,000 (this would be including 'all suppliers' not just the venue). 

    Some suggestions above could reduce the cost of a wedding venue by 50%. 

  • You could share my wedding venue! Well sort of. 
    Long story short my finacee has a life limiting condition. We were getting married this June. We have now put it off till 20.6.20 due to her health. It looks like we might have to delay again.

    So.... Ive been thinking. My venue is a beautiful woodland and meadow in leicester. The week after my date is currently free. 
    The venue has everything you might want inc camping area and a yurt + hot tub for 1st night and it allows fireworks and no "cut off" time. You also have 2 set up days not 1. 
    I was hoping their might be a bride looking for a June 2020 woodland wedding that wouldnt mind going half on the infrastructure, marquee loos generator etc. It turns out its not much more to hire for 2 weeks than one. If the cost could be spread over 2 weddings it save us both 1000s.
    Please DM me if youd like more info to see if its a possibility for you.
  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    Phew, my first wedding came in around £1,500 as I recall😁 Getting married in may for the second time and it will be around £1,500 again. It never fails to amaze me how much people spend on one day. Depends what you are having, and if you are counting things like the honeymoon, dresses, suits etc.. Both of mine have been along the same lines, close family only for the day, no cars as married in a hotel, no bridesmaids, best man, speeches or groomsmen, great because no-one feels left out and can actually enjoy their day with their partners rather than fret about having jobs to do, no usual formal sit down 3 courses but canapes for the first, afternoon tea the second as the wedding is later in the afternoon, followed by a buffet for a larger but informal party in the evening but keeping it real in both cases. I did things like invites, placecards table plans myself and didn't really have much in the way of decoration for the first, it was 20yrs ago and in a pretty hotel garden with its own marquee so no hire costs needed plus things didnt seem so nuts!  We had a photographer but he was a commercial specialist just starting out on reportage style weddings and gave us all the pics he took on the day for a set fee, wont be having one this time as we want it more relaxed and  family photos will be nicer, first wedding pics ended up in the drawer anyway pppfff. will be doing the same for the second, different hotel different husband though🤣 doing table decs and flowers myself apart from my bouquet. Candy table, selfie props etc are really simple to do yourself if youn are mindful of costs and I guess it depends how talented you are craftwise as it can look super tacky and cheap if you are not careful. I suppose i hate being the centre of attention anyway and rather we have a good party plus second time around we feel the money is best spent on our house renovations, holidays and our new sofas! Also, I didn't want my parents shelling out, my sister got married a month after me too so it helped me being so diy, also did a lot of things for her too. I note above someone suggested not having a sit down meal for a large number of guests but a party for the night and I would second that, it certainly saves a great deal of money and also arguments if you are strict on the close family issue! 
  • longhaullonghaul Posts: 22 New bride
    micro budget - £2,000 and under
    low cost - £2,000 - £6,000
    medium - £6,000 - £15,000
    big budget - £15,000 - £30,000
    'celeb' budget - £30k +

    I think 'average' falls anywhere between £1,000 - £15,000 and varies by location, culture and social circle
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