I could really use some help girls

Hiya! I’m Mikaela , 


im wanting to get married ASAP and as cheaply as possible!


i think there will only be 3/4 guests!


my first question is...venue, this is a rushed wedding because we are having a baby and we will be doing it again in the future properly but for now I just want his name and cele our love, so yeh, I want a venue really intimate but romantic and cheap, are there other options Other than registry office? X


  • It depends a lot on where you are. In America as long as you have a legally ordained officiant then they can marry you anywhere you like, with as few or as many people as you like. 

    Scotland is similar, in that its the person conducting the ceremony that has to be legal, not the place. You could go to Gretna Green and have a litle mini-moon there too! Its pretty cheap and a gorgeous location. 

    England however is still in the dark ages so its about the place you get married, and who does it, just to make things harder. 

    Easiest and cheapest option is a registry office, but if your local one isnt the aesthetic you like you can get married in ANY registry office in England, so you could make a weekend of it. Some of the buildings are really pretty, some are less so. 

    You could look down the venue route but they mostly expect it to be a full day, and their venue hire will reflect that, for example in my area (Herts/Beds) It ranges from £1500-£4500 for the venue for the whole day, so not exactly cost effective if youre planning a smaller, and quicker, shindig. 

    Its worth looking into the nicer registry offices, youll save a whole tonne and can still get some gorgeous photos and itll feel less clinical x

  • Oh thanks yeh! We wont have time for abroad this time round so it’s gonna have to be England , and I think Brighton is our place of choice , everywhere I look it’s huge places ! I’ll check out Brighton registry offices , do you know if you are allowed to decorate them with say fairy lights or something?

  • Only other thing to keep In mind is giving notice - if I were you id call your local council to find out the next available appointment and it’ll give you a better time frame for finding a venue. It’s something like 28 days before the wedding minimum but lasts for a year after the appointment.


  • CoffeeDogAddict is incorrect. In the US it depends on the state. In the state of Colorado you can actually marry yourself to your spouse, a friend can marry you, any one can. It does not have to be a legally ordained minister. 

    I am a wedding planner and I work with brides on tight budgets, or in need of a fast wedding with minimal cost. If you would like to chat and get a free consultation, please contact me.

  • Google things like ‘elopement wedding Brighton’ etc for ideas. Or ‘just us’ or ‘just the two of us wedding’ - - even if you will actually be having a couple of guests. I did this when fantasising about going down the very small route, and it brought up a few hotels etc where you could have a very small wedding - just as an alternative to registry office, though some registry offices are very nice! 

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    You can't decorate a registry office as they have lots of couples marrying there on the same day. Lewes registry office is nice and not far from Brighton.

  • Registry office would be the cheapest route to go down, the town hall in Brighton has some lovely decor and wouldn't need anything adding to it. I'd definitely hire a photographer, lot's of nice scenery in Brighton and you'll enjoy the photos to look back on.

    You can easily find a lovely alternative dress from Asos - doesn't have to be white either :)

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