Bouquets as top table arrangement?

Hi lovelies 😊 

Hope me you're all well! Today we went to the venue to finalise everything as we're 6 months before the wedding now!! (How exciting!!) 

Anyway, as we were there and chatting to the wedding coordinator we were talking about flower arrangements and the length of the one on the top table. Our flowers are all greens and whites, with lots of wildflowers. The price of our flowers have come to about £800, which is very expensive we feel. Although prepared to pay it as we want them to look nice. The wedding coordinator suggested scrapping the top table arrangement and simply using my bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets (we have 4) as an arrangement. So we would lay them down flat facing our guests. 

I loved this this idea and is a great way to save £120 on the top table! Has anyone done this before or have any comments about it/ how it works/ looks? Or is this a bad idea? It just seems a shame to have 5 bouquets for the day to not see them again after the pictures? 

Thank you 😊


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