Anyone else stressing about money?

Just working out our remaining costs for the big day that will all need to be paid by the end of October and we're currently looking at needing to pay around £9,000 in total; this means our wedding will have cost £14,500 which in the grand scheme of things, is not too bad considering the 'average' cost nowadays.

Anyway, this month I'm due to buy my wedding dress, which I'm super excited about considering all the rubbish we've gone through recently (I did put a post up in 'emotional support' about that if you fancy reading) but now my car has a flat tyre and I need to replace both rear ones before my MOT in April as these were on the advisory list last year. Obviously with £9,000 still left to pay, plus costs for the car, I'm worried that we're not going to be able to afford our wedding.

I know that everything will fall into place before and that it'll all work out, because it always does. I know that if we needed to, we could borrow money from his parents or take out a loan (thank goodness for my decent credit score) but obviously that would be the absolute last resort!

Anyone else feeling this way? I mean, had we not been paying for this, I'd be completely debt free and putting a deposit down on a house haha! xx 

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  • I totally get how you feel, i always feel like it really wouldn't take a lot for my carefully calculated spreadsheet to go to sh*t. 

    Car issues are the worst, and always seem to come at precisely the wrong time! I know its hard, and it feels really unnerving when youre just kind of relying on it all sorting itself out, but it will i promise. You'll make do with what you have available, and worst case scenario you're looking at recovering the cost of 2 tyres back into your budget, which isnt going to run into the thousands at least. It isnt ideal, but a few hundred debt is better than a few thousand (sorry if that isnt helpful, but im trying to look for silver linings!) 

    My car lease agreement expires 6 months before our wedding, and we will have at that point about £11k to pay off, and then i need to either find £3k to buy my car, or i need to just buy a new one elsewhere! 

    all you can do is manage it as you go alog, make sensible choices, and then at least if thigns do crop up you know you did your best and it wasnt because you were just splashing the cash however you wanted haha. 
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    Yep, totally get how you're feeling. I'm about to change jobs which is a slight drop in salary vs. better life. We are relatively comfortable at the moment but I know the drop will likely make a massive difference to my wages. We have about 13 months to pay off our wedding, approximately 9k, that's without paying for a photographer which we need to find and is somewhat more difficult when you only have a choice of 3 in the whole of the country. Though is does include our ceremony and 2 week holiday.

    I agree that car issues always come at the wrong time too! But it will only be a couple hundred at the most and like you say, if push comes to shove you can always get a loan out to pay for it. Not ideal I appreciate but not the end of the world either.
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