cheap wedding venues in north wales

Hi There. We are on a very tight budget and was wondering does anyone know of a nice wedding venue in North Wales that doesn't cos a small fortune? Any reply will be greatly received.


  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 167 New bride
    What sort of budget?

    When we were looking, I think Highfield Hall Hotel was quite reasonable. We've ended up choosing The Vale near Ruthin. More reasonable than a lot of the other places and a lot thrown in. 

    You can also save a fortune by getting married in a less popular season and/or on a week day. 

    Alternatively, registry office and then host a reception in a function room somewhere like a Holiday Inn or Wetherspoons? I think they have some pretty good deals. 
  • We went to a stunning wedding at Trevor/Tower Hill Barns in Acrefai 
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    @Ashleigh26 can you please stop spamming this forum, it completely ruins it for everyone else and advertising isn't allowed here.
  • El91El91 Posts: 2 New bride
    Hey I’m a north wales bride on a budget too! I’ve looked at almost every venue for a wedding but the cheapest we found were bodafon farm and hendre hall. Or alternatively go to a registry office and hire out a function room x
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