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'Budget' Wedding - Where in the world can we get married for under 10k all in?

Hi everyone,

Thank you for reading this post. My partner and I have done lots of research into getting married abroad, mainly because we wanted a cheaper wedding than a UK wedding. We have narrowed down the countries and ended up with Santorini (which of course if stunning, but expensive!). Unfortunately, we now think we cannot get married there for under £10,000 (including the dress and everything)! 

Does anyone have any ideas for places to get married, abroad or the UK, that would mean we can spend under 10k for everything? We would rather not go somewhere which would mean people needs vaccinations etc. 

We would really like sea or lake views, but don't necessarily want a beach. Somewhere as stunning at Santorini would be brilliant!!

If you can offer any advice or help, it would be very much appreciated.
Katie x


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
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    It entirely depends on what your priorities are and how many guests you have. Our entire wedding was £9k for 70 day/100 evening, but venues with stunning views do tend to come at a premium.
    Santorini is also quite expensive as Greek Islands go, you could try Zante/Kefalonia/Crete/Rhodes which all might be more reasonable, Mykonos and Santorini tend to be the most expensive,
  • Agree with MrsC, you can have a cheap wedding absolutely, people do it all the time but you have to make sacrifices and you have to pick your main priorities. 

    Depends on your guest list but it might be worth looking for elopement style venues, places that only have 20-50 guests or so? Or you could just get married in a registry office and then find a lovely reception venue like a beachfront restaurant on the coast? Cornwall has some stunning views, and Scotland, i'm sure you'd be able to find something that way. 

    Picturesque costs i'm afraid, but there's just too many variables to be able to say. 
  • d144d144 Posts: 49 New bride
    Have a look at eastborune pier venue beautiful and great value if you want to be near the sea.
  • d144d144 Posts: 49 New bride

  • Like MrsCToBee and CoffeeDogAddict have said, depends on your guest numbers. Cyprus with 30-35 guests can be done for £2-3k including most things. So can Greek islands other than Santorini.

    Dominican Republic, Mexico and simlar destinations further afield do cheap packages or even free weddings when you book a holiday at certain hotels. But last time I checked (3 years ago), tourists getting married in Mexico were required to have a blood test done to check for STDs 😆 And in Western Europe, there aren’t a lot of countries where UK citizens can be legally married without having to do an official ceremony back in the UK, so do a bit of research on that first maybe, to help you narrow down your search.

    Scotland has heaps of lochside restaurants, hotels and castles within your budget.
  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    I did mine in Rhodes with 62 guests for 8000 and that included our 18 night all inclusive holiday, so if we had less guests the cost would b lower and we upgraded our room too
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