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Centrepieces & Photobooth - March 2020

With not long left until our wedding, I have asked several event companies for quotes on centrepieces but it just seems silly to give that money away when you can't keep it either! So I am thinking about creating my own individual centrepieces. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on creating them - the look I am going for is rose gold, lanterns with candles & pretty white blossoms. There's 15 tables so I need to buy all of them and create it which I am happy to do. I wanted to get your opinion on centrepieces- are they a waste of money and if you created your own what tips would you give? 

I am also looking for a good photobooth company I am getting married at Boreham House Chelmsford! 

Thanks in advance for your help :) 


  • d144d144 Posts: 46 New bride
    I read about a wedding where the bride visited charity shops during her engagement to buy beautiful old vases and then used these as eclectic vintage center pieces in her wedding with a few mixed stems. I thought this was very personal and pics looked great. Obviously great value too....
  • I'm collecting gin bottles as i drink them instead of throwing them away, so each table will have a different type of bottle, then I've ordered extra of our flowers so they can be put in the bottles, then a bit of greenery, probably ivy from our local woods, around the base, nice and simple and looks lovely, and very cheap as all my family and friends have cottoned on to the gin thing so they are all buying me gin! :smiley:
  • @MrsThompson2020 that sounds really nice. Very creative!
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