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Photographer terms, full balance 4 months before the wedding!

Hi fellow B2bs

We are at the early-ish stages of planning our wedding (happening in 13 months’ time). So far we have the venue, registrar and caterers booked and currently talking to a few florists and photographers. After much deliberation, we wanted to book a certain photographer, they are asking for a 30% deposit up front to reserve, but then the rest of the balance 4 months before the wedding! I love their work and he seems nice in the few conversations we have had over email. 
I cant help but feel nervous / uneasy about this as our other suppliers are asking for final payments 4 weeks before the wedding?
Any advise on what we should do? They will not negotiate on terms.
Thanks in advance!


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 87 New bride
    I think it's worth asking them to explain why they need the money so early as they may have a good reason. Otherwise, I think as long as you have a proper signed contract in place, with terms explaining what happens if either of you cancel after the full amount is paid, the risk is the same whether you pay them 4 weeks or 4 months in advance.

    If you're nervous, you could try and find other couples they have worked with and find out their experiences of them and if this is their standard terms.  If you can, find them without going through the photographer - maybe on Instagram / Google reviews - as they be more open / honest.
  • Hi

    It does sound as too early, perhaps your wedding is in the peak time and they are worried they may potentially loose out on a good date? Still it is quite early and frankly I would have wanted a great clarification of such terms,

  • Thanks both! Our wedding is in February 2021, on a Saturday. This isn’t traditionally a peak time I don’t think? I will give google a go, good to know it isn’t just be that thinks the full payment is quite in advance! 
    Thanks x
  • That's strange, maybe they wanted some Xmas money! Lol. 

    Seriously though, as above, contact previous couples and ask about their experience. Have a look on the Facebook page, and speak to the ones that are tagged in recent weddings. 
  • Hi Pancakes, Love the user name :)

    Sorry I am late to this post and hope everything went ok and I presume the balance is now paid off.
    This is quite common in the service industry where balances are requested anything between 1-3 months in advance.
    I myself request balances to be paid 3 months prior to the date and is written in the contract. The reason being is that the closer the wedding comes around some couples start to struggle paying everything off, they start to panic and start cutting back and cancelling what they believe they can go without.
    I often used to get 3-4 cancellations 1-2 months before the wedding, this means I have no chance of rebooking that date and would have turned down other jobs.
    For full-time professional wedding photographes, this is our lively hood and losing just a few jobs can break a business if they only factor in so many weddings a year. As a result, many photographers will now request payment 1-3 months in advance. 4 months is a little extream but am sure they will have their own reasons and business model for why.



  • I know this is a little late, but that seems pretty normal. We have just paid a 30% deposit and the rest is due 3 months before the wedding. I actually think this is pretty good as I have had friends who had to pay the photographer on the day of the wedding. Something you don't want to be doing when you're having the best day of your life! 
  • We paid all our balances 2 days prior to the wedding...4 months is too long!
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