flowers: cost?!

Hi fellow brides to be

I am not getting married until next September but trying to give myself a rough budget...

has anyone had a quote/consultation with a florist?

I am just having 2 bridesmaids, and just wanted a small posy of roses for each, plus a larger bouquet of roses for myself. we're having a civil ceremony so i was thinking of just having a few floral displays at the venue but I have absolutely NO idea of the costs involved!

Please help!



  • Hi Toria

    I am going to get a quote from a florist on friday so will let you know.

  • Hi Tori

    Different florists vary massively in cost...and the cost will also vary greatly depending on what flowers you want...

    I'm not having any roses, but my confirmed florists rough prices for my flowers were as follows;

    Small bridal posy £85

    Bridesmaids (very small!) posy £35 - £40 each

    Table centrepieces £40 - £45 each (not including vases)

    Top table arrangement £70

    Button holes (very simple) £6 - £7 ish

    My florist wasnt the cheapest I saw, but was fairly reasonable for the job they will do.

    A good florist will be able to work with your budget and suggest the type of flowers to use to get your desired result/ effect. whether you have a budget of £200 or £2000!

    I saw 2 awful florists, one good one and one EXCELLENT one (the one I've confirmed)'ll know the right one when you meet them...they should totally inspire you with their knowledge of flowers and suggestions of things they could do to create your perfect result!

    Hope this helped a little...have fun and happy searching...searching for my florist was one of my favourite parts of the planning process so far


  • Our flowers are costing £1100 but that's 6 bridesmaids, 1 for me, lots of buttonholes, corsages etc to fill a marquee and a church. i think £300 is a reasonable estimate with what you're having and for a civil - get 3 quotes V xx
  • My flowers are costing about £1000 for my UK wedding (quite a bit more in Brazil month later but then it's for 250 people, larger venue, plus the church decorations, etc). She was excellent. Very competitive prices, especially for London. Bouquet £50, table decor £50 each (including candles and such), 2 pedastals with modern flower arrangement at £120 each, and few little arrangements scattered around. She was great and worked around my budget. Like Mrstwiss2b said, a good florist will work around your budget. Also, cheaper if you use flowers that are in season, hence am using tulips and rununculus mainly.

    Good luck x Betta go off as have a meeting now
  • hi

    my flower quote is £1060, this is for my bouquet & 3 bridesmaids, 2 flowergirls, 7 table centres & vases, 7 buttonholes, 3 corsages, 10 small single peony/herb vases, tea lights, rose petals for aisle & tables, and we are also hiring several vintage hurricane lanterns from the florist as we are getting married outside: this price also includes delivery, setting up and vase collection afterwards. xx

  • Hi toria85

    Where are you based? I'm using a fab company based in Surrey who have quoted me £500 for my bouquet of Grand Prix roses, 3 rose pomanders, 8 rose table centre pieces, 2 rose top table centrepieces and button holes and corsages for 15 people - again all roses.

    Email me if you would like their details.

  • Thank you all so much for your responses!

    I live near Cheltenham but thank you for giving me an idea of what you're all spending. I better get saving!

    you sound like you all know what you want and am sure you will have gorgeous bouquets and displays! I suppose I had better visit a few florists in my area and get some quotes in.

    Thank you Ladies- much appreciated!

  • Ours are around 900 pounds. Eek!!
  • EMVBEMVB Posts: 146
    Hi Luciane, can you give me the webiste/contact details for your company? That sounds like a really good price and as I'm in Essex they might travel out a bit. Thanks!
  • Hi Sharpie250908,

    You mentioned above that you know a good florist in Surrey. Could you please post or send me the details. I live in Guildford and am looking for one at the moment.


  • lakarakalakaraka Posts: 3,628
    I am waiting for my quote still but as I have seen the prices I am hoping that my estimated budget will not be blown out of proportion.. (I do have an expensive taste lol).. Will let you know when it arrives! xxx
  • Our florist is from preston and we've been quoted £800 for:

    bridal bouquet

    3x bm posies (roses)

    6x buttonholes (rose and a little bit of greenery)

    10x centrepieces (tall vases with posie of roses in the top)

    2x smaller centrepieces (for the top table)

    2x tall arrangements (for the civil ceremony)

    I didn't think that was too bad - even though i only budgeted £500 for the flowers!!

  • Hi Meech2b, am actually using Mary Jane Vaughan (in Fulham, London). She was great with really innovative (and modern which I wanted) ideas.

    Website is:

    Good luck xxx
  • hi

    one florist quoted me £1.50 for buttonholes, another £6 for more or less (as far as i can see) the same thing...

    sadly the initial one is moving away has had to pull out.

    also why is it that a bride's posy is e.g. £40 and another quite smaller one is still £30 ie. hardly any cheaper but smaller in size? anyone know?

    also how can a corsage be e.g. £8 but a weeny buttonhole at £6?

    anyone shed any light please before i book... or look elsewhere yet again.

    i'm tempted at this rate to put my conscience aside and just go to tesco or better M&S on the day before for my bouquet and my bridesmaid. and for the button holes and corsages just put a pin through a carnation each!

    am on a real budget and flowers are nice but i don't see how they can be so pricey when i'm also choosing flowers that are in at the time of my wedding as well.

  • Hi,

    Our florist is in St Helens and has quoted £300 for:

    bridal bouquet

    2 x bridesmaids bouquets

    3 x mother corsages

    1 x double rose for groom

    6 x rose buttonholes for groomsmen

    50 x carnation buttonholes for guests

    2 x pedestal arrangements

    1 x top table arrangement

    pull bows for pew ends.

    Advised not to have flowers as table centre as they are about £20 for a square vase of roses - thought that was nice of her to say instead of just taking the money!

    We're on a 10k budget but flowers aren't my 'must have splurge' and am spending elsewhere - like my dress!

    Anyone in the area who wants her details, let me know x

  • I am paying just over £600 and have got the following:

    1 x tall vase for the registrars table

    1 x bridal bouquet - quite large

    4 x bm bouquets

    6 x table posy's with candles

    6 x button holes

    2 x mother's corsages

    1 x top table arrangement

    1 x single rose laid on napkin for each guest with luggage tag hanging off with their name on (for place settings)

    Thought that was excellent value and florist is brilliant.

    Very pays to shop around. Going to the wholesalers with her on Friday. Picked the red rose - grand prix but can't decided on the ivory rose so she suggested coming along with her and choosing for myself! Really looking forward to it. She's based in Herts/Beds border if anyone wants details.
  • ours was 971.00 x
  • Toria85 - I also live in Cheltenham. If you want any local recommendations let me know - am due to tie the knot in 27 days so (hopefully!) have most things sorted x
  • I think you need to shop around to get a good deal as I was quoted anything from £35 to £80 for my bouquet alone! In the end I spent £300 in total on my bouquet, two bridesmaid's bouquets, 7 buttonholes, 2 corsages and 7 tablecentres including vase hire. There is a link to my photos in newlyweds if you want to see bouquets. Mine was £35 and bridesmaids' were £12 each.
  • Hey blushing bride... I posted on the other thread I started in planning.... But, are you gonna tell me which florist in St Helens has given you this amazing quote?? Or I am gonna have to find you & tickle it out of you..... Ha Ha! Only Joking!!

    Cheers! H xx
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