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How much for wedding rings?

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick question - how much do you think we should budget for wedding rings - going to choose them this weekend! Ideally we don't want to spend more than £500 - do you think this is unrealistic?

Thanks Vicky x


  • cwukcwuk Posts: 324
    How much you spend all depends what you want, For simple rings then yes you can get 2 for £500 but you could pay much more. I got a 3mm platinum with diamond chips and cut to fit my engagement ring for £400 but hubby got a white gold 6mm for £250 (platinum for him was £700).

    In general Beaverbrooks etc on the high street are expensive and you can get good quality rings cheaper online or from smaller independant jewellers (search on here and there are posts recommending online jewellers but use the high street jewellers to decide what you want and get your ring sizes)
  • We have got an appointment to have a consultation with a company who make rings from scratch in January (we don't get married until next October). They are really reasonable - for a platinum 3mm plain band they quoted £395 and for my H2B they quoted £350.

    They even offer a free gift if you book a no obligation consultation - 2 necklaces for your bridesmaids and a key ring for the best man.

    Their website is

    Or I can also recommend

    They are the company my H2B got my engagement ring from. I have just had a look and for the same kind of wedding ring as the one that Smooch quoted me on it is coming up at £258.

  • pappworthpappworth Posts: 657
    I think a budget of £500 would be fine. Ours are £625, a plain paladium band for me and a thick paldium band for H2B with a pattern inlayed in red gold. Mine was only £145!

    We are getting the guy that made my engagement ring to do them. He is an independant silversmith and his wife is a gemologist. You get alot more for your money!

    My engagement ring cost around £600 for the stone and making (we already had the platinum). A high street store wanted over £1000 to do the same thing.
  • Ours are bespoke and they cost us $1500AUD which is about 600 pounds. Both white gold, and mine has 20 stones of 0.02 carats each so I thought it was quite a bargain!
  • AliblueukAliblueuk Posts: 133
    We're getting our plain gold bands from Tiffanys, but having sized them in the UK my brother bought them at the store in New York (he works out there) & with the great exchange rate we saved about £60 on mine & £80 on H2B, total was about £550. I know we could get them cheaper... but I collect Tiffany jewellry & I'm a bit obssessed! lol
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    Eek, the platinum rings we want would come to £1,250 from Leslie Davies but its the one thing we wanted to splash out on really.
  • adelesarahadelesarah Posts: 1,981
    I've budgeted 1000 for both our rings, so was suprised when we went into goldsmiths and H2B picked a £130 one. So that leaves enough for me, lol. I'm torn between a really blingy one with lots of diamonds, or just a plain band.
  • Hi Vicky,

    What type of ring do you both want?

    In Ernest Jones they do a set of His and Hers Wedding rings for £225

    Me and my fella are paying £250 for mine and £325 for his they do lots of really nice rings for men between £100 and £200 all they ladies wedding rings are really nice.

    Love Carrie xxx
  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    I have only had one quote so far and a 3mm platinum band was about £390.00. I think it depends where you shop you can save about 50% by going to places like Jewellery quarter ( Bham ) or similar instead of the high st.
  • vikki2906vikki2906 Posts: 310
    we paid £720 for mine which is a 3mm platinum band and £1340 for H2b's which is a 7mm platinum band. i thought this was reasonable compared to the shops prices until i seen you guys prices. we are getting them custom made from the jeweller that made my engagement ring but they are plain bands.

    we have been told though from the jeweller (he makes and supplies most jewellers in the uk) that there are different levels of plat eg some rings could have a hollow bit in the inside or mixed to give same look- still mostly platinum- but have a diff metal in them too which makes them cheaper.

    My H2b's ring is so heavy and to test the theory we went to a 'normal' jeweller and got an idenical width platinum band and there was a significant diff in the weight so we justified the cost that way.

    i wished though that we had spent less!
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 753
    our rings cost £950.

    mine is a 6mm band with yellow, white gold and diamonds( bit like an eternity ) its really beautiful .

    cant wear my engagement ring with it though

    h2b's is a huge yellow gold band with 4 square cut diamonds set in it. ( he has big hands and his ring size was 1/2 size bigger than the biggest size they do !!!)

    we originally budgeted £300 for the pair , its ended up that they are our biggest purchase .

  • Hi Vikki - don't feel bad - we did the same as you, the jeweller who made my engagement ring is making both ours from scratch, both plain platinum band (4mm and 6mm) for £1700.

    They are really heavy though - and the exact same grade platinum as my engagement ring.

    I reckon they are worth every penny - we will be wearing them for the rest of our lives after all - Yay!!!!

    On the other hand my best friend got both of theirs for £300 (white gold) - depends entirely on budget and your point of view - no right or wrong image
  • AaronD2007AaronD2007 Posts: 1,059
    lyndsey-were did you buy your rings from?

    we are going to look in the sales in jan saw some lovely ones in ernest jones not to dear either x
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    We got ours from ernest jones - mine was £750 and h2b was £225 but they gave us 10% off each ring too.
  • Try Rox I got mine for £495 and my H2B has saw one he likes for £250. They do special made rings where you can choose a band(style and size), wether u want parts cut out, overlaped and they price each diamond per size and weight, works out really cheap!! They have a brochure in store where you can piece a ring together to suit budget

    Francesca xx
  • MollukMolluk Posts: 243
    Aw PboroBride, enjoy! After all the practical planning, going to choose our rings was the first time we actually felt romantic! His is plain white gold (his choice) at £335, mine is yellow gold with three diamonds at £500ish. They're beautiful, we love them.

    It's corny but on the day you give them to each other as symbols of your love so go for something that you will wear for the rest of your lives and every time you catch a glimpse of it, it will remind you of your lovely happy day and how much you love your lovely husband.

    Oh dear, sounds a bit OTT but can you be too romantic on a wedding website?
  • ours have cost £295 for mine 2.5mm platinum band. H2Bs is a 7mm palladium band and has cost £300
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