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Suit Hire Cost

Hi Girls,

I am just in the process of thinking of where to hire out suits from, we will be needing 5, just wondered if anyone out there can help with approx costs.

I am unsure on how much to budget for.

Many thanks for any responses xxx


  • Hi Goldy!

    Have you tried the Debenhams website? They give you pricing for all types (DJs, morning dress etc.) and I think that if you pay for 4 they give you the 5th free.

    Moss Bros and Youngs seem to be pretty similar, but I suppose it depends which shops are near where your groom and male friends / family live.

    I hope that will give you a place to start - good luck!
  • it depends on how much you want to pay im getting mine from here

    they will send you a fabrics booklet so you can put your ideas together,

    prices are £55 per suit unless u want brown or white then its £75

    and the white shirt is yours to keep

    they deliver them to your house and collect them free for 5 suits or more

    they send them 1 week before so you have chance to send them back if they dont fit ( there is a little cahrge per item about £5 i think)

    if you collect from them you also get free cuflinks and a cravet pin to keep to (im giving these the men as there presents, they are based in leicester)

    sorry took so long took abit of time to write out xxx

  • Thanks for your replies girls!!

    Ohh I didn't even think of debenhams!! - i will try there!

    That seems a good idea to have them sent, but I'm abit of a control freak and would want to see them in the suits and try on other ideas!! lol!

    Thanks again xxx
  • I don't know how much they cost but greenwoods have an offer at the moment hire 4 get 5th free. Don't know whether that is any good to you.

  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    We've got 9 adults and 3 children in suits and all together it's costing us £800.
  • I looked at Moss Bros and the hire charges seem relatively cheap - however, it's the deposits that cost a lot - £200 each suit!

    Now have I read wrong like a wally or is that right does anyone know?? I can't afford that amount of money in one go - even if we do get it back.
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Were getting our suits from Pronuptia

    They have a lovely selection and works out for us about £69.30 per suit!!!

    As for the deposits that need to be put down on suits i think, you just write the check and they keep it until they get the suits back they never actually cash it, just a back up for them you rip it up when you get back. (thats what they did with my sister anyway)
  • When my h2b was an usher at his cousins wedding last year they wore their own white shirts although he could have brought one but it cost between £50-60 for tails out fit...jacket, trousers and waistcoat. I don't remmber him paying a deposit but then again his cousin may have. I guess the cost of the deposit will depend on what style outfit they have.

    Yummy mummy 06 thanks for the website looks like a good idea especially with the freebies! Can you chose cufflinks. You mentioned they deliver a week before. Id it a shop? if it is can you go their to try on for measurements and try on beforehand or not? BBBs x
  • Hi Jazzycat

    Our friends used Moss Bros and were worried about the deposits too, but there was no need. You put the deposit on a debit/credit card but they don't actually take any money, its more like a security deposit incase the suits get wrecked or don't get returned.

    I think we will probably use them too.

    Hope that helps

    Bev x
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    I can't get the link to work

    yummy mummy!!
  • be careful with Moss Bros - we had a nightmare with them when we hired for my sisters wedding and it was 6 of their stores so not confined to one branch!! When we collected them 2 days before the wedding, the grooms suit was 4 sizes too big, the pageboys outfits were dirty and one two sizes too small (2 weeks after the final fitting and he didn't grow that much!) and the other too big, all the shirts were grubby and they gave us gold ties instead of burgundy cravats! They were rude and really didn't care they'd got everything wrong and only did something about it after numerous phone calls and turning up in the shop causing a scene. Also have two mates who have used Moss Bros and also were given wrong suits and sizes and had a nightmare correcting them!

    We're going to Suits You probably as I get a 20% discount through work - not sure total cost at the moment but friends have recommended them.

    If not then we're probably going for suits from Formally Yours - I liked the grey Prince Edward one (think it was called that!!)

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  • Markwallace range is fab i heard you can hire for 4 days £149.

    Have a peek on website, my h2b is looking at hiring the dark grey suit.
  • Burtons do suit hire too, they do (as far as i know) hire 4 suits and get the 5th free....basically you hire 5 and get the cheapest suit free.

    We however are going with our local hire shop Westbrooke hire in St Ives, Cambs. They are friendly and very helpful
  • Thanks yummy mummy for the website, h2b has just recieved their info pack. We liked the idea of sending samples of material in with the leaflet so you can see what it looks like in different lights rather than just in the photos.
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