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Hi all

So excited. I've been planning to make my own invitations for our wedding and final I've got round to the planning etc. Anyway, after deciding on all the bits and bobs I need, bought them all to day and everything came to under £30, to make just over 100 cards. That's approx 30p a card!

What a saving!! So cuffed.

Anyone else making there own cards.



  • wow - thats great. what sort of style are you doing and how are you printing the details??
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    that's really good.

    what you having??

    I'll be doing the invites (if can save 150 quid, we can have three more guests image ) no idea what they'll look like yet though
  • Hi Emma,

    That sounds great. We are planning on making our invites too. Haven't given it much thought as yet. What are you invites like and where did you buy the stuff from?


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi All

    We're getting married abroad, so wanted a theme to suit that, so my cards have a travel tag on the front with a pair of flip flops and the word Cyprus undreneath. I'm making the flip flops out of craft foam (30p) a sheet, which makes about 50 pairs, and beads and wire. H2B is good at making them! Found the blank cards in a local shop £4.99 for 50, including envelops and the colour card and handmade paper, also came from a local shop totaling £6.

    I made save the date cards a while back, which coat under £10 to do (£70 saving). I have a lot of the resources left, which helps.

    We're printing the text using our computer.

    My friend made her invites for her wedding, costing around the same, and they were so nice.

    Take my advice, it's worth it and by making them together,it means we're doing something together for the wedding. The cards will be more personal too.

  • I'm planning on doing my invites too. We are having a 'pink & pearl' theme so am getting pink wardrobe fold blank cards, to which I'm adding ivory chiffon ribbon to tie in a bow at the centre which holds it closed and 3 little hearts made from ivory pearl beads on each invite. Inside I'm getting PC print compatible inserts in pink with ivory pearlised envelopes all from and all for about £40 for 40!
  • By the way EmmaW - over 100 invites??!! How many guests do you have coming? I have about 80 which works out to under 40 invites as 1 per family. Or does that number include thank you cards etc.?
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi nickiv

    We have about 150 to 200 to our wedding party on our return. I know it sounds a lot but I'm being prepared. Hopefully I'll have resources left over for thank you cards too.
  • i made my invites using handmade rose petal paper and just added an insert, very simple but i love them. a great place to buy things from is made 120 invites and 100 order of service for under £70.
  • Hi People,

    I was thinking about doing my own but wanted to do a few dummy runs first. However, our local craft shops seem to sell everything in larger sets. So its hard to buy say 5 of everything just to try out a few ideas before deciding on the final design! Any ideas?

    I am thinking of possibly ordering invites from the studio catalogue instead. They sell 50 for £20 which I thought was great value!
  • j0704j0704 Posts: 46
    We bought some blank cards and matching placecards and have printed the inserts outselves. I do calligraphy so writing them was fun! In total, invitations (80) cost us £37.50 and placecards (60) cost £12.50! Not bad!
  • I am making my own invites as their is a local shop near me that will show me how to do it free of charge, I also think it adds a personal touch and allows you to sit down with your mum, sister bridesmaids etc and all get involved in making them.

    Have fun making them everyone !!!!
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