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Making own cake?!

Hi all,

Have been considering making my own wedding cake. Bit risky I know but we're on a budget and supermarket cakes have stuff in that I hate like candid peel (plus there are people with nut allergies coming to the wedding). If I make my own fruit cakes I can do it a few months before, put ingredients in that we like (and won't make people have anaphalaxis) and decorate it with simple icing and jane asher sugar craft. I usually do a Christmas cake but never anything on a wedding cake scale. Any thoughts coz I'm not sure what to do!

Cheers Morgan xx


  • kingsukkingsuk Posts: 10
    I think it's a really nice idea. If you have made christmas cakes before then at least you are used to baking. Have a practice first in case you make a mistake. I would love to make my wedding cake and to have little people to go on top.

    I hope it goes well.:\)
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    im in the same position with the nut allergy thing. was just going to get it from waitrose but that means groom cant have any cos covered in almond paste! ive decided it might b cheaper to do a cake decorating course than to get proper cake made!!!

    also think that the fairy cake thing would be easy to do with a bigger fruit cake on top. at least if one fairy cake burnt there are lots of others to choose from!
  • I we have made our own cake it is a three tier fruit cake (getting married in 31 days). We have got a lot of help and advice from our local cake and decoration shop. They have been invaluable, we borrowed the tins and they have provided advice everys step of the way. I one tip would be to locate one in your local area and ask them for advice.
  • Hi,

    My H2B and Chief Bridesmaid have decided they are going to make and decorate our wedding cake, H2b is a rather good cake maker (which i hope will help!!). They have both joined a sugar craft course and are on their third class and really enjoying it. I must say i was rather unsure and as a safety net have budgeted for a M&S cake and made provisions with the florist to decorate if necessary!!. They both arrived home yesterday with a number of 'Christmas roses' and holly with berries, all rather confident that they can make and decorate a fabulous cake - Here's to Hope!!!!

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    You're used to baking, and with fruit cake you can make it a good long way in advance, so if something went wrong you'd have plenty of time to fix it.

    So I say go for it!

    WE'll be having mostly sponge, I hate fruit cake!)so i can't say the same, but mil2b has offered to make a fruit cake, so we'll use that as a cutting cake and have cupcakes or something
  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    I'm doing ours - yet to test exactly which recipe - but we're having tiramisu as its my fav dessert and neither of us actually like cake!

    I'm going to test about 4 different ones and then make them the day before - its so quick and easy to make I'm sure the family girlies who are here will be itching to help out with something.

    I have already found some sponges which are about 35cm round (and only cost about £2 for 3 layers) and cut into 3 layers so it's a piece of cake to make LOL. I reckon we need to make 8 to serve everyone.

    Kathy x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Im making my own, we looked at cakes and all my fella kept saying was , yea they look nice but will they taste like your xmas cake? coz thats my fav !!

    origanally i was thinking about a 4 tier fruit, but recently in a mag iv seen alternanate chocolate and plain sponge cupcakes done on 3 tiers and then 1 top tier friut cake and brown and white/ivory is my colour sheme plus it looks amazing so i think im going to do that, extra work but worth it think , trouble is everyone keeps sayin oh will you be able to manange you will be stress etc............ but it will be good therapy i think lol.

    go 4 it xx
  • Morgan,

    where do you live cause i know a really good cake maker who doesnt cost the earth.Im having 70 cup cakes with lemon sponge and a 6 inch carrot cake at the top.all decorated with pink suger butterflies for just £79.
  • Was thinking of making my own cake aswell does anyone know where i can get the recipe for a fruit cake? The prices i was getting quoted were terribly high for cakes around £230
  • ZoeBukZoeBuk Posts: 44

    Since reading this I have started to think more about making my own cake. I have made fruit cakes before and have made them for Xmas and so might have a trial run (before saying why to anyone else!!) I use a recipe that has Guinness in it which helps to keep the cake moist and gives it a bit extra flavour. Also I use sultanas and raisins and cherries separately rather than mixed fruit and so you don't have any peel in the cake either.
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264

    Where do YOU live more importantly?!!! That sounds like a fab price for a wedding cake!!! I am having a nightmare with mine as I love cake & wanted something really special, but H2B says no-one really eats it at weddings and wants this to be a cut-back area in the budget!


    If I could get something like you describe it would fulfil both our needs! I am getting married in Kent/SE London.

    I'm hoping & have all fingers crossed!

  • Donut- where is this cake maker, looks like they'll have their work cut out if all of us use them! Anywhere near the east midlands and nottingham?

    I'm going to try Delia Smiths recipe I found- the quantaties are available for different sizes so you can do tiers. I'll trial it for our christmas cake then decide if its doable. I've got a year before we get married so have loads of time to have a bash, hopefully won't have too many kitchen disasters! Pleased to see that I'm not the only one who wants to bake their own cake too. Good luck to everyone xx
  • gothdigothdi Posts: 322

    where do you live cause i know a really good cake maker who doesnt cost the earth.Im having 70 cup cakes with lemon sponge and a 6 inch carrot cake at the top.all decorated with pink suger butterflies for just £79.

    we are going for the individual cupcake thing too, where is this cake shop?????? please xxx
  • That sounds like a fantastic bargen Dalelover! Where is that shop? X
  • I made a wedding cake for a friend a year ago: it was a triple chocolate cake decorated with summer fruits (although winter fruits can be substituted). I managed to make it in the evenings / weekends (not taking any time off) before her wedding, and all parts of it could be made in advance. If you do all decide to make your own cakes, look for ones that can be part frozen so you can make them in advance. Also, it may help to get a friend to help in case anything has to be done last minute! How organised are those people on sugarcraft courses!
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    I just bought a bargain 3 tier cake off ebay for £101 - but terrified he'll be a fraudster and either rob us or poison us. If I was brave and creative enough I'd make my own cake, but if that happened, the health risk would be too high!! Go for it! Try individual cupcakes perhaps, that way if one or two goes wrong you'll have plenty more.
  • I'm thinking about making ours. My mum is going to do the top tier and all the sugar decoration (she did seveeral courses a few years back) but the rest we want cupcakes which i used to be really good at.

    Am going to do a few practise runs before i decide for deff. Am going to practise on the trick or treaters at halloween and maybe do some for xmas that way i don't end up having to eat 24 cupcakes everytime i practise.
  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    Hi all

    I really like idea of making my own cake and do a little bit of baking so I think I could possibly do it with some practise!

    I really don't like fruit cake and neither does h2b and would love to have a sponge - does anyone know how long they last and can anyone recommend any recipes?!

    I would love to give it a try before xmas and if it goes v wrong I know of someone who could probably make me one for less than £100.00 anyway!
  • eralceralc Posts: 95
    I'm not baking my own cake... but all my friends and family are! Straight after the service we are having a 'cake feast' in the church hall... probably around 15 cakes so everyone can have something they like! Just baking a normal size cake is something lots of people feel able to say yes to and like that they are contributing something to the fun without asking too much of them in terms of time and cost. We're thinking of having a manic 'cut the cakes' dash round cutting each cake in turn... sounds a good cathatic exercise after the serious bit!

    I like the personal touches... go for it baking enthusiasts!
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