What are you buying your h2b for his wedding present?


This is post is more about what are your budgets for your h2b's wedding present?

I have seen something that I know is perfect, but its not cheap and i would like to find out what the average spend is on this.

Or, if you are not buy your h2b anything at all?


p.s Basically i'm just trying to justify the spend!


  • Hi! I am getting my H2B a Cartier watch. I've been saving up for a while, it's the Santos 100 and it is expensive but I figure it's a gift that will last a lifetime and he has already spent a wonderfully large amount on my e-ring!! Am hopefully going to buy it abroad so save a little bit if I can.

    I really think that any thoughtful gift is what your H2B would like and there can be as much thought in saving up for a year (or 2!!) as in making something wonderful yourself or an in-joke between the two of you.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. If you just want to justify the spend, take a deep breath and go for it - technically it will be half yours after "I do" so I figure that makes it effectively half price!!
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    I got H2B (at the time) a Tiffany watch, engraved with date of wedding on the back - I looked at buying it in NY as my bridesmaid was from there but it didn't actually offer that much of a saving.

    Took a bit of saving but his face was worth it!
  • Oooooh engraved with the date of the wedding is nice! I hadn't thought of that. I think I might pinch your idea if that's ok AmyH!! x
  • slongetteslongette Posts: 107
    Thanks Twinklykate

    I'm just going to do it ........ the most money i have ever spent on one thing.

    arrgh! Right i'm ringing the man!
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    Hi main present is a TAG watch but gor him lots of little bits too.

    If you can afford it, it's the one day you get to splurge image

  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Slongette - what are you getting?

    Mine wants a guitar - a particular type of one and I can't remember what it is so I will have to weave it into the conversation again! I think it's about £1500. On the unconventials thread someone posted a link to a guy who does beautiful sterling silver gifts and jewellery and one thing is a personalised engraved sterling silver guitar plectrum so I will probably get him one of those to go with it.

    We got Rolex's over Christmas so a watch won't go down so well with mine I fear!
  • slongetteslongette Posts: 107
    Thanks for your support ladies,

    I have just bought my h2b a sword. He is currently a serving officer in the Rifles. He is going to be soo excitied when he gets it.

    I can have it engraved, not sure what to put on it though... May be his name Major JVC and date of the wedding (thanks Amy H)? what do you think?
  • I know what you mean Gindi! My H2B is so obsessed with watches (think: about as obsessed as us girls are about our jewels!) I've had to forbid him from buying any other watches in the meantime!

    The silver plectrum with the guitar sounds amazing. What a thoughtful gift!

    It's a good job these men are so good to us, they *almost* don't deserve us!image
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    Gindi - is it a Fender Stratocaster? Know they're what lots of the bands use

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    I'm getting Isaac an electric guitar, well actually I've already got it, it's at my parent's house for safe keeping. He knows what it is, as it's what he asked for, but I keep it in our house he'll want it now and I'm adamant he won't have it until the wedding!

    It's a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's in Antique Vintage Burst (no I didn't know that off by heart, I copied it from the electronic delivery note)!!

    It's a lovely guitar.

    Cost about £1,700 in total (with a few extras).

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    Slongette that's SO cool! Maybe have both your initials and the date?

    Hee hee Kate image Well the way I see it, they have bought us fabulous sparklies; although I'm not quite sure how to get the guitar to him... maybe I will have it delivered to our honeymoon suite... although then he may spend the time playing with it instead of me! LOL Oh well plenty of time to think about the logistical details; first of all I have to find out what type of guitar it is again!!
  • slongetteslongette Posts: 107
    Ladies i've not spent as much as you, *only* £900 but i think that it is definitley worth it.

    As you've mentioned, they've bought the e rings and the w rings (well mine has anyway) and they should be spoiled every now and then!

    gindi how do you think will get the type of the guitar out of your o/h without him knowing why you want to know??

  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Yes for me it's not about the 'how much' but the 'what's meaningful.' Although if the guitar turns out to be more than £1500 he might just get the plectrum and make do with the guitar he's got! Slongette, I'm not sure. He's mentioned it a couple of times though so I'm sure I'll find an opportunity to bring it up. Next time American Idol is on and someone is playing a guitar I'll say something like "honey he's got your guitar! What did you say it was called again? ... oh no, that's not it after all, sorry!"

    Also I saw on another thread that some girls are doing a personalised diary for their husband - there's a Canadian site that makes them up with tables of contents like 'when I first knew you were the one,' 'what the wedding means to me,' 'how much I value you' - although less soppy than I've made it sound! And that's just such a lovely idea that can be so personal and meaningful - it just depends what 'works' for you and yours.

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  • Well, this might sound really bad seeing as the post above me talks about being meaningful but...

    My h2b really wants a personalised number plate for his new car so I think I'll be getting him one of those. Whereas I really would lurve a new handbag (chloe saskia please!) so am hoping thats what he'll get me. Hopefully he'll have his no plate quite a long time and I love and cherish my handbags like babies so while they arn't the most romantic things they're what we really want!! We figure we've got our rings, the photos, outfits, memories etc so no need for more sentimental presents. We'll prob spend about a grand on each.

    Slongette; "they've bought the erings".... I am such a equal rights femisisty girl that I felt bad h2b spent to much on my ring, I bought him an engagement watch that nearly cost as much as my ring! Even now, with the wedding, I don't like to feel like I owe him money etc strange eh?!! x
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    I gave mine a Raymond Weil parsifal watch. We were going to wait to get it on honeymoon in Barbados and save me some pennies but I got it here in secret and paid the full £1.5k so he could wear it on the day, he was sooooo surprised when I handed him the blue box it took a few seconds to sink in what it was!
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    Well, as I think somebody else has already pointed out, whatever you buy H2B is automatically half yours anyway after you are married (with my worldly goods, I thee endow!). So, technically speaking, your wedding gift to him will be half price!

    A fine excuse for a bit of husband-spoiling if you ask me!
  • Hiya, I'm gettinh my h2b a bodoir shoot (not very origianal but still makes a great gift), I already got him an Armani watch for christmas so I thought about some Tiffany cufflinks, and he wants a full diamond wedding ring so I'm going to lead him to beleive I've got him a plain one but surprise him with it on the day and probably get it engraved or something.

    I've asked him to get me another chihuahua image not the most common wedding gift but it's what I want xx

    All your ideas sound lovely, I wish my h2b could play the guitar!! x

  • LChambers79LChambers79 Posts: 494

    I'm afraid you're all putting me to shame - am 'only' getting H2B an iPOD (for some reason he's still going without!) and a wallet as he needs a new one! Mind you - we had a discussion about gifts, and as we now have a totally joint account (inc joint savings) we kind of end up part-subsidizing our own gifts which is a bit wierd!
  • Just a note as I play guitar myself and have the loves of my life..my Gibson SG standard and a Brian May signiature guitar, but the silver plated plectrum wont be abl to be used, so could put in on a chain or something? Maybe you could find one signed? x
  • teiganukteiganuk Posts: 580
    Hi...Im doing the same as Amber156.....getting my h2b a personalised number plate too....i really wasnt sure what to get him as i got him a really nice pair of cufflinks 4 xmas, hes already got a nice watch, I was thinking maybe a sexy boudoir shoot but im just way too fat & then he mentioned he was gonna get a number plate he had seen 4 sale....he is really into his cars....so i know he will really cherish it! xx
  • Could get the guitar engraved with your wedding date on it?

    Where words fail, music speaks xx
  • Hi....Well I thought about buying H2B an Omega Seamaster watch and having it engraved with the date of our wedding. He has wanted one for as long as I can remember.....although the private number plate is a very good idea.....oh blimey..... really should get my thinking cap on....
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    Oh you're all so good, I've got no idea what to buy H2B image I'm having a boudoir shoot (ditto Haylie) for him and I've hired an Aston Martin fo rhim - it will be dropped off the morning of the wedding at home for him to get to the venue (a good 40 miles on country roads) and we drop it off at the airport when we go for our honeymoon on the Tues (get married on a sat).... other than that, I'm stumped. I want something he can keep.

    Watch is out, he has 4 that he never wears, although i'd love o get him one. Perhaps a cello.... any idea on prices?

    Jem x
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    ooh girls thanks for the suggestion of a personalised number plate! that's an awesome idea image
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    Ah, thanks Truely. I was thinking a small plaque could probably be placed on it somewhere - I thought engraving the guitar might render it useless - but as you obviously know your stuff, maybe that would work... it's a Martin HJ 28 - I guess that means something to you? Is £1500 a reasonable guesstimate or am I in way over my head here?!

    Edited to say I just asked him outright what it was. He's saying he doesn't want one but that it's very rare and he's not been able to find one... so maybe it's a guitar stand for the one he's got, and a silver plectrum on a chain or something!

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