Edinburgh wedding!

Hi girls!

2 questions i'm hoping you'l be able to help me with! image

firstly- we're thinking of the braidhills hotel? has anyone had their wedding/been to a wedding there?? would you recommend??

also- has anyone in the edinburgh area hired a horse and carriage?? i would love one but not sure our budget can stretch to it!




  • truds35truds35 Posts: 1,838
    Hi there,im getting married at the castle!!! Ive been to a wedding at the Braids and it was great,food was lovely.Only drawback i can think of was the travel home afterwards,taxis took forever to come .We looked into having ours there and the only thing that put us off was when we went to see it we felt like we were being looked down on by the person showing us around-like we werent good enough.That was the only fault i had with it though and hopefully you wouldnt get that same person!!!
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    Hi Loulie.....

    The only problem with the Braids is getting to it, for your guests I mean, it's really middle of nowhere re: buses. Tell you what If you're thinking of the Braids, you can forget a horse and carriage, it's up some pretty steep hills!!!!! Poor horses! Only 2 companies I found for horse and carriage were about the £500 mark and neither are based in Edinburgh itself... couldn't find any that were. When we looked at the prices for the Braids, they were pretty good compared to some others.
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    hey! thanks for the replies! we're gonna go have a look at the weekend! image we were meant to be having it at the menzies belford but its closing down!!! image xx

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    we're getting married at Melville Castle which is just outside Edinburgh next to Dalkieth. It's got lovely grounds and seems very secluded, but it is on the no3 bus route and literally just off the bypass. Don't know anything about Braidhills though sorry.
  • We are getting married at Turmeau Hall of Craighouse Campus at Napier University. They've been brilliant all the way, nothing is too much trouble, for a meal, they're preparing the meal of our choice, at the time of our choice, at a reasonable price. I'm sure Braid Hills would be lovely, but I really recommend looking at Napier too. I registered for this site specially to make this recommendation to you! Happy planning!!
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    janesmith...... when is your wedding? We're Napier Craighouse too... but we haven't had our tasting yet.... have you? (was it any good?)
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    We're also getting married at napier craighouse in oct this year!!

    Its fab and they are so nice! I have been to a wedding at the braid hills and i much preferred the layout of napier as everyone can see whats happening (braid hills the room is full of corners and pillars)
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