Hair/Veil... am confused!

Hi, need your advice please BBBs... do you think this hair style will go with a veil, or do you think it will be a bit wasted?

I love it but I have a cathedral length veil (one tier) and a veil comb - it's the same as this but the flowers and at a right angle to the comb if that makes sense, so it will stand proud of my head. I want it at the back of my head so it doesn;t look like a tiara. Do you think it will work? Thanks girls!! x

Oh, I meant to say, the other option will be a big carrie style bun with all my hair up - but everyone I speak to says that might be too harsh - AND h2b says when i have my hair like the pic it remind him of our first date so I thought it would be quite romantic. My hairdresser will be able to put my hair up for the dancing I hope! x

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  • ellaandmooellaandmoo Posts: 303
    I think it would go really nicely the hairstyle is really nice, how long do you plan on keeping your veil on for? if its only the church it won't matter.
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    I think you would be fine with both.

    You will probably remove the veil at some point during the evening etc so you will need a style underneith that still looks nice.

    Good luck with it all

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    I think the hairstyle looks great with and without a veil and it would look good with a comb and veil, it may be an idea to wear the veil and then take it off, so the beauty of the hairstyle can be seen and later put up, I do think the hairstyle is lovely.
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Thanks everyone! I am going to take the veil off after the reception drinks I think, I'll trip over it otherwise! I do want a few photos with it though so as we go into the reception I will take it off.. does that sound about right?

    I love the hairstyle, so chuffed I found it (thanks sidewalk... it's from the knot which you introduced me to!!)

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    That sounds right clonny, make sure you have help at hand to remove it just as you go in for your entrance at the reception. I think I am going to put the knottie bios in one thread for quick lookingimage
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    oooh good idea.

    have just been looking and some of them are a bit trashy! I think you have done well to find such gorgeous ones! x
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Lol, The US love a wedding!x
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    I went to one on Lond Island last October and it was amazing! they had 12 bridesmaids and 13 ushers. At cocktail hour they serve loads of food so when you sit down for dinner you're already stuffed. And there were 350 people there for the whole thing... must have cost the same price as a house image

  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    this is a good one, i love her mantilla veil! And I might steal the something blue idea of blue crystals on the sole of her shoe!
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Yes, that is a lovely one! I love her dress! Defo a good idea ref blue crystals for the something blue.x
  • orphilea1orphilea1 Posts: 399
    oooh love her veil on this one. That is what I want but with a second tier to go over my face for when I walk down the aisle (going for the v traditional look!).

    I also have in my little wedding planning book a few names of other websites which had nice ideas. Try..

    Todd Event Design

    (love the engagement ring cookies on this one!)


  • Clonny, I love you!!!

    That's my hair/veil issues sorted right there, down to the flower and all! Thanks a million for that link!

    M xx
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Haha, no problem! She does look amazing! Are you having a mantilla veil?

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