So Angry with CC!


Just need to rant. I'm meant to be going for my measurements at Caroline Castigliano and as I've been having dress wobbles, my mum and grandma have booked train tickets to come with me (to Manchester - they live in Nottingham), so they can over see everything - my mum wants to make sure they do everything right - and my grandma can see my dress.

So, I got into work this morning and there is a voicemail from the manager at CC, all ligt and breezy - we need to change your appointment because the seamstress will be in Leeds that day - huh?? What are they doing sharing a seamstress? What if that happened just before my wedding? Where my BMs are getting their dresses from, a small independant bridal shop down the road, they have their own 24x7 seamstress and that is costing only 300 quid for 2 dresses. My dress has cost nearly 3k!

I understand some things cant be helped and I guess I wouldnt mind if my family hadnt booked train tickets. CC will have to pay for them as they are non-refundable or keep their appointment.

Not happy.


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    Oh softtop how frustrating. Have you spoken to them this morning? That's so unfair. Let us know how you get on. (There's a whole thread about CC in the wedding fashion forum... some of it goes off topic at times but there is lots of support for people who have had less then wonderful service from CC - it's all turned out well in the end but some of their practices do seem a little laid-back! - maybe not ideal when dealing with stressed out brides to be!)
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    Hi - yes, only just managed to get hold of them (think they open at 10). She said she would try and sort it our and call me back. I saw the thread in wedding fashion and I know that someone on that thread had problems with Manchester branch, and the seamstress to-ing and fro-ing to Leeds all the time. Let's hope they can sort it out..... I just hope I havent been tricked by their fantastic first consultation when I put my hand in my pocket and paid.

    Thats said, I did see that they got it sorted in the end. Maybe I'm just paranoid bride!

    Jem x
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    It's so easy to be paranoid, especially about the wedding dress! I joke about being able to get married in jeans if it comes to it... but I would be so upset if I had to do that! At least they seem to be trying to sort it out for you.
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    Hi softtop

    how did you get on? did they fit you in after all.

    I met Diane a week or so ago, she took my final measurements, I know she does move between manchester and leeds, so is quite busy, but I hope they honoured your appointment?


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    Hi, they did honour the appointment in the end but Sandy, the branch manager, said she might have to take my measurements if Diane cant make it to Manchester. She said she will train up before I get there (interesting) and will try and do a couple of brides before me (if this does happen, what about the girl that is first!). She said it wont be too hard as the simple measurements they took when i ordered my dress suggest I wont need a toile and I'm an average size (a standard size 10 and have been for years).... so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all goes to plan!

    Thanks for asking image xx
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