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We are getting married on quite a small budget, we are getting married at 4pm, purposely so we don't have to have a sit down meal and instead we are having a huge buffet in the evening. I would really like to put on some type of food for when the day guests arrive at the venue about 5ish (which is a civic centre so we have free reign on what food we have). I read about people having pizza's laid out on silver platters but when I mentioned it to a friend, they didn't look too impressed and I am also going off the idea.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do for, say 100 people on a budget? I was thinking whether M&S did platters of sandwiches etc which I could lay out for people to help themselves.

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  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378
    What about canapes of some sort? If you go to M&S they have a food catalogue and the food in there is always nice. I don't know what they have that would be suitable but I'm sure there will be something in there. Just an idea X
  • Waitrose do platters of sandwiches, sushi, canapes etc. Even mini hot dogs and burgers and things. Their wedding cakes are pretty nice too- The chocolate orange one is really tasty.

    Hope this helps

    Vicki xx
  • penni30penni30 Posts: 61
    Hiya go with waitrose and marks im using both of them for my day time buffet and in total only costing £700 with desserts (120people) and the food is lovely they do all sorts of mini stuff to and canapes take a good look through im sure youll find something real nice good luck xx
  • GirliezenaGirliezena Posts: 453
    if there is a costco near you and you know someone who has a card, they do some very cheap buffet food - the other option is to do what we are doing - cakes (afternoon tea!)
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    i was just going to say about costco, i always get all my stuff from there when we have barb's.

    They have a ordering service so you can order all you want and there cakes are amazing and massive, the sushi is to die for. Go have a look almost anyone can get a card, i have one and i am a nurse if you live nr me i could go with you or just pop along to your local one and ask about a card they do day passes i think.
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    Just an idea sainsburies and asda both do platters and may be less than m&s?
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    i dont see whats wrong with the pizza myself - i love pizza and would love to go to a wedding that had that and if my venue offered it i would be taking it but not allowed to take in our food! Iceland also usually do some buffet type found in their 3 for £5 range or whatever (similar to Adsa and again cheaper than Marks although they have some yummy food) also Morrisons do mini snack type things also. Good Luck x
  • flocky4flocky4 Posts: 241

    i always use makro for my buffets and bbq,s the quilty is exellent you can order over the phone and they have get crapes mini pizza,s what ever you need and a lof cheaper then marks and just as good quilty ,if you want to serve mini pizza at your wedding then why not it is your wedding after all and i think a great idea and most people like pizza even older gen as i hate sandwitches they always seem dry and never have anything i like anyway ,go with what you want as you can,t please everyone

    let us know what you deside good luck
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