Moving the goal posts - has anyone's quotes gone up?

Hi ladies

Any good negotiators out there???

I am getting married in July ( 12 weeks to go). The bills have started coming in and the prices have mysteriously increased since last year without prior notice, due to inflation or staff costs.

Does anyone know what the rights are to ask companies to honour existing quotes or to notify their customers of an increase. I would have been happy to pay when the quotes were made, this is adding hundreds to our bill!

Any advice please.....xxxxx


  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    What i have done is ask them all for quotes in writing and i have paid deposits on these.

    I will not be paying more than the quote and mine is June 09, this is the price i was quoted knowing its not till 09.

    I would contact them and state they are breaking a contract with you and you will not be paying anymore than what you was quoted.
  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    Unless it says in the small print, that prices wont go up, prices normally do go up. You'll have to read each contract that you have with the suppliers and see what it says.
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    yeah i have wrtitten quotes and have paid deposits on these and then had confirmation of what i have left to pay - if it says they can increase their prices in the small print like saz said then they can! When i first enquired with my videographer he quoted a decent price and when i asked for a booking form after deciding to go with him the option i wanted was £120 more so i emailed him about it and he appologised and said sory thats his new prices and new booking form and said as he had quoted me the old prices originally he would honour them and sent me out an old booking for m with the old proces on it and when i paid the deposit he sent me confirmation of what i have to pay (still at the old price) so i havent had experience of what you say but if you dont have written contracts i think they can what they like but if the contract states the price you thought then they should honour that - sorry thats a bit long winded but i would double check what agreements you have!
  • best think to do is start off with I've just received the bill for your service and have noticed that it has went up by X amount. with the videographer tell him he told you he would honour the previous prices .
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    my videographer did honour the price he quoted - sorry if that wasnt clear? I was trying to make a point in a roubd about way sort of what you said about noticing prices had gone up by x amount! I havent had any probs with that myself
  • Beesuk1Beesuk1 Posts: 12
    Thanks everyone!

    The original quote in this case was by email so I know that will count as writing, the issue I have is that you end up having this conversation with every supplier and it is turning out to be a pain and really embarassing. I have to have this one tomorrow!

    I think it has only started becoming a problem as they are now asking for money!!
  • That blasted small print!!x
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