help needed over wedding shoes

Hi All

I have a problem over my wedding shoes I already own a pair which I love and planned to get married in them few years back but found my exh2b was cheating on me so didn,t marry him ,but i keeped the shoes as love them so much, now I have found the most wonderfull h2b and glad i didn,t marry the first 1 anyway my wedding dress is off white and silver but the shoes I have are a pale cream and silver my dress is long and you can,t see my shoes when i walk so would it be ok to still wear them as on a tight budget and these shoes cost me £250 if the first place

any help would be good image


  • ufoannufoann Posts: 89
    Hiya all i can say is are they comfy because at the end of the day you will be glad of them, i get married in june and have 2 pairs of shoes one for the ceremony and a pair of shoes for the rest of the day, go with what you feel you will be comfy in

    and hey nothing wrong with watching the pennies hope you have a wonderful day

    take care keep smiling

    Ann xx
  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    Hey sweet pea

    I don't see why you can't wear them. If you love them and they are comfortable (practise walking in them around the house!) then why not?!

    Off white and cream will look very similar anyway.

    What are your shoes like?

  • flocky4flocky4 Posts: 241

    my shoes are the pointed kind with kitten heel and sling backed about 11/2 inches as i don,t normaly wear heels they feel very comfortable and my mom brought them for me and she is no longer alive ,it,s just the colour difference i am worried about
  • annie84ukannie84uk Posts: 81
    have you tried all the outfit on together? if not next time you have a fitting take them with you. as sharpie250908 said they sound similar colours anyway.

    they sound gorgeous by the way, thats the sort of style im thinking of going for even though im really short (5"2') i know i wouldn't be comfortable in high heels.

    as long as your happy with them and they are comfortable thats all that matters


    hope that helps

  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    hi, i dont see why you cant wear them if they are comfortable and you really like them and can walk in them and your quite right saving some money - try them on with the dress just to make sure that they arent too obvious but as long as u r happy with them at the end of the day thats what matters!

    Or could you not sell them maybe and you the money from that to buy another paid that match in colour and that way you would also get a brand new pair of shoes for your 'new' lasting marriage. Just a thought but go with how you feel x
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