Should we ask for help from his parents

It five months today and still no signs of any help they have said in the past they will help towards but never got further than that went suit fitting this weekend with them but no signs still should we just ask how much they can help seems a pain they can't offer?


  • This is a tough one. Perhaps your h2b could mention it to them? I always find it difficult to talk money with family and friends. Even when they owe ME money! But I am sure that they will want to help if they can. May come better from their son however? Personally, I would continue without their help, and if in the build up to the weedding they then offer some fund then this will be a bonus. x
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    if they have said they would help id get h2b to ask them when and how much they are gonna contribute
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    My friend got married a month ago and was in the same position, both with her dad and the in-laws to be. She didn't know what to do for the best so she just waited. They all gave her money in the end but it was only the week before the wedding as they had been saving. If you can hold off asking I would but if not get the h2b to ask as it is his parents. Don't stress if they have said they will help i'm sure they will. xx
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    hi my h2bs parents have said for the past year that they would contribute to the wedding but now with 7 weeks to go when we are starting to pay everything we are still no further forward (we have had about £3.5k from my parents which is a bit more than what we first thought we would get which is great) neither of our parents have loads of money and our wedding is about £23k but it was me and h2bs choice and although its more than we ever imagined we would spend we fell in love with our venue and have been saving hard to pay for it ourselves without getting into debt but if h2bs parents gave us some money it would help but they havent offered anything like 'how much for the flowers' to even pay for something yet they can decorate and go on holiday? Im not looking for money from anyway but it is a bit annoying but they have told h2b that within the next month they should be able to give him about £1000 so we'l just have to wait and see but thats the lowest amount they have mentioned to us as it was originally £2000 they said they would give and although im not looking for money or even counting on it i dont think they should say something if they cant afford it so i think it will prob be a week or so before the wedding but im gettin h2b to chase it up if we havent had it so i would also hold off asking a bit longer and see if they mention it and if not then maybe ur h2b could have a quiet word with them? Good Luck x

    Tricky question!!!!

    I would never expect to be given money but if they have said all along that they would help then, they should!!!

    If my parents are contributing to the wedding then i dont see why his shouldent!!! I sound like a bitch.....

    Been here before with an ex boyfriend was getting married and my parents started paying deposits on things. and his parents kept saying we will help making all grand gestures but never coming through!!

    Eventually i made him ask if they would like to help or not and the reply was im putting in to an account for you both for after the wedding.

    Well!!! we needed the money before not after!!!!!

    She prob new something i dident as we split and my parents bared the cost of cancelling everything!!!!

    So to cut it short i feel that if one set of parents are helping the other should help or dont offer at all!!!!
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