25 April 2009 - Less than a year left!

haha chipmunk congrats!

i remember being so excited at 365 days and thinking how far away it seems - it goes quickly trust me

now i'm all smug at only 126 days to go...but....4 months doesn't seem very long at all - loads of things still to do


  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    oohhh it will fly by now, once you pass a year it just goes so quickly. 103 days for us now ..... it was 16 months when we started planning, its less than 16 weeks now.! agghhh loads to do still.

    enjoy the planning, its a lovely stage of the process.

  • When I first started planning I had 16 months to go too and now I have just under a year like you chipmunk image 356 days to be exact! I hope everyone is right and it will fly by but it seems so far off still xx
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    I think the year mark just seems to kick start things in terms of planning.

    Don't wish the time away, it goes so quickly and its lovely to have time to consider your choices thoroughly and feel you are really preparing well.

    i know what we girls are like though. We want it NOW ! lol

    I've tried to make certain milestones something to celebrate...so we went for champagne when we designed our rings, out to dinner when we chose the venue, more champagne when we finally decided on stationery..., champagne lunches everytime I went dress shopping...( can you see a theme?!? lol)

    It's made the planning more fun and it feels more important than just a countdown.

    Have fun girls and before you know it, you'll be next

  • Sounds like a lovely idea TSL I'm sure my h2b will be up for that, we both have busy jobs so it would be nice to take time out and talk wedding for a few hours whilst we celebrate image x
  • rarajdukrarajduk Posts: 1,784
    Fingers crossed that you have the same glorious weather from last weekend!

    The countdown will whizz by....


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