veil help please girls xx

hey girls thought id post my query on this forum. as ive recently put a deposit on a my lady dress and was just wondering what you were all paying for a veil if you havng one. i tried lots and lots on and the only one that did the dress justice was a pure silk one with swarovski crystals as it matched the dress. its £400 what are you all paying xx


  • Mine was £760, is by Pronovias, cathedral length tulle, you can see it a bit in my avatar. I have to say, not showing off, that I think my is one of the dearest of the brides on this site, tho I may be wrong!

    Mine matches my dress and just completes the look, if I didn't have that one I don't think I would have found one to match and would have to go without.

    £400 is not too bad, if you can afford it - go for it!! x
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    Yes, Amber your veil is one of the most dearest veil's on the site and it is a shockingly goregous one at that! I love it!!

    Allbcozofu, my lady makes some stunning dresses, another bride is wearing it, I think her name is Tracey image
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    thanks girls youve made me feel better hehe. its only a bloody short veil hehe enought to cover the wobbly bits hehe i think im gonna get it sod it hehe xxx
  • Get it!! Have you got any pics for us to look at?? My lady dresses are stunning!!

    Sidewalk; did you order your India dress? Did you try on some pronovias veils with it? They have an amazing collection! x
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    i forgot to say amber your veil looks gorgeous even on that lil pic hehe. my bodice is eleanor and skirt is chloe i think ive tried to find a pic on here but cant image although on the my lady website there is a dress on the main pic which is the only gold halterneck its exactly like that hehe cant wait to wear it got ages tho image xxx
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    Hi, yep I have ordered the dress from Mirror Mirror! It is india, I am not wearing a veil, going to get either a tiara hair clip or flowers, not decided on that bit yet. I am going to order CL shoes, I have to pay 30% extra to get them made, so fingers crossed they will arrive in time for Sept.

    Allbcozofu, my lady dresses have wow factor completely!!x
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    Sidewalk - are you doing your special order of the CL in the store in London? What have you gone for?

    I know you can do special orders and when I asked when I was on hols in the US they said they were available on old collection items (which is fine as the shoes I want are last seasons). I then asked in London and they had no idea about special orders!

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    Hi CLH, I am going to the new shop today in Mount Street, I am going to check out the leopard print either simples or VP, they must be a small heel thoughimage

    The US are so hot on ordering, the UK not so, but I spoke to the manager last week and they can do it, they offer selected styles though, will see what they can offer, but I have decided with a simple dress and brown sash Leopard can work well!Lol!!

    Are you a CL fan??x
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    Yes I LOVE them!!!! Got my first pair a little while ago but haven't worn them yet as I am saving them for something special (I may actually keep them for my hen night but as that is now a year away I am not sure I can wait!)

    I would be interested to hear what they say once you go and see them. I am so confused whether I should be looking at old collections or this collection. I also heard you can change the heel height as well as the colour/material but no one seems to be able to confirm this!!

    Lets hope the new shop has had loads of training and is totally up to speed. Oh to live in the US - amazing weddings, great florists and great service!!!

  • Hi,

    I have an appointment with Kelly Spence today for a silk veil...will let you know how I get on- price wise! x
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    Lol! I know, I wish I lived in the US sometimes!! I will report back on what they say, I think with CL, most of his collections are great and it doesnt matter what season it is, they will always look great! You can order past collections and the factory will make them, it depends on the skin available etc though. Yes, you can change the heel heights to 70,85, 100, 120 etc.

  • Sidewalk, its a gorgeous dress and will be lovely with the sash and accessories. CL shoes, you lucky thing! They sound fab, defo go for the leopard print!! x

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    Thanks Amber will defo report back with my findings! Sorry Bcozofu, will not hijack your thread. Anyone wearing a veil? Please post details!x
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    Yes am wearing a Kelly Spence cathedral length one with tiny crystals here and there, but am now starting to wonder whether £100 extra on a silk version would have been money well spent...

    Am trying the dress on with veil etc for the first time on Friday (hooray) so if I'm not pleased with the overall look then I might consider going for a silk version. That will have pushed the total cost of my veil sky high though! Boo!

    It's also going to be a bit tricky as it's been living in the jiffy bag it arrived in for months (of course I was too impatient and unfolded it all, then stuffed it back in) so it's going to be full of creases! x
  • Ooh Sweetpea, let me know how you get on with those veils! I've asked Kelly Spence to send me a sample of the soft silk in ivory as I'm considering getting one as well. I didn't even realise she had a shop where you go see various ones... And what material is yours out of then LChambers?

    M xx
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    Hi trinibride

    It's made out of synthetic tulle - what most veils are made out of - it's just a bit stiffer than silk. It was less expensive, but now I'm just not sure I made the right decision! Oh well, will see how it all pieces together... x
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    Hi all

    I've just ordered mine from Ann Guise! It's a cathedral length, plain silk tulle veil with a blusher, costing £320. Am so excited, I wasn't going to go for a really long one but got a bit carried away image

    b x
  • Fab fab fab thread! Getting loads of lovely ideas!

    Am waiting for a swatch from Kelly Spence (whose quotes were very reasonable for silk tulle) and I've just fired off an email to Ann Guise as her stuff looks pretty lovely as well!

    How I love this board!

    M xx
  • Hi Girls,

    Kelly Spence was lovely..she has a studio at the back of her house. I went there wanting silk and actually went for synthetic tulle instead. I took magazine cut outs of what I wanted..( love nicole kidmans veil) and so I have gone for a raw edge buttermilk flat comb( so no gathering) with tiny crystals scattered on the bottom. The synthetic made it slightly stiffer so created the line I wanted over my face and as I am only having a single layer it is still sheer. Also because of the raw edge -silk might run slightly (which is bound to happen with me!)

    I hope I have made the right choice......keep thinking about the silk but all her veils are so lovely and I was really impressed with the quality of her veils. I have seen a lot of nasty looking veils in bridal shops....

    I ended up also buying a crystal and pearl hair comb which I just had to have as my veil was cheaper than I expected to pay!! Gorgeous!

  • LChambers79LChambers79 Posts: 494
    Oh sweetpeas I too want the 'line' over my face so you've made me feel better about the synthetic tulle option now! I knew she'd have recommended it for a good reason! xx
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