Got the rings and booked the fireworks! Its all happening!!

Just wanted to write about all the weddingy stuff that's been happening this week, is v exciting!!

Well firstly, we've got out rings hurrah!! They're from Tiffany but had to order mine in and as we live about 2 hours away, my brother picked them up for us when on business in london, and we got them last night. They're just beautiful!! I would post pics but have no idea how to put my pics on the net then on here!! This is my ring

And this is h2b's

They are perfect! H2b's is so nice and heavy and mine is just tiny but goes perfectly with my tiffany set E ring, love them!!

Also, yesterday I organised our menu tasting - private dining room and wine tasting, fabulous!! And... the last details meeting with the co-ordinator, its nearly all over!!

Then today, I dropped in my parents and my dad was like "finally booked the fireworks", what? how? etc. Would give no details but had a big grin so I have no doubt it will be the most amazing spectacular show! How exciting?! Am now planning all the love heart sparklers and all kinds of things!!

So its been a good week for us so far, gonna get on with the planning with h2b tonight, will hopefully be buying all the little details and things we need, ie flowerpetals, butterflies etc so should get lots of lovely packages soon!

Weddings are so fun! x


  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    Oooh amber that's so exciting. Well done for getting so much done. I can't wait to go for our tasting!

    I'm still faffing about bm dresses. Just recieved a 20% discount voucher for Coast where the dresses are from having spent all the money bar one dress last week! Argghh! Am thinking of going back and demanding the difference back - it's a total of £140 off! And booked appts for this and next sat for last dress shopping. Very productive day!

    Pats on the back all round!
  • Yes defo go back to coast, that is so annoying! You could get them refunded then go buy them again at another store, if don't want to cause a scene!!

    Glad you're going dress shopping, I hope you find your perfect dress!! x
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Oh, how exiting Amber, your rings are gorgeous - you can't beat Tiffany...

    When's the big day? I'm sure you've said somewhere before and I've missed it x
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    Hi Amber,

    Very exciting indeed!!!! Love your Tiff rings, I got mine a few wks ago and h2b has hidden it in the loft as I kept trying it

  • Thanks girls!! Wedding is 2nd Aug so still a good 3 months to go!

    I saw your rings TABS, they are lovely! I'm the same, can't wait to wear it!! x
  • lucianeuklucianeuk Posts: 674
    Congrats. Loving the rings!! xx
  • Thank you!! Are you in brazil now for your big wedding? how exciting! you ae so lucky to do it twice! x
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Love the rings too! Glad it is all coming together! Just like the A team! Fireworks are fab!

    Defo go back from the coast difference, as long as you have the labels on them and the reciept, you should.

    Very soon for you Lucilu, all the best of luck!x
  • Oh it all sound wonderful! Very exciting. Love the rings too. x
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