singers......please help

We are looking for a singer for the wedding desperately. We had planned on getting Stephen Bayliss who we saw at a friends wedding who also sang at Stephen Gerrards wedding. He was fab, but when we got round to booking him, he was booked. We were gutted and can't find anyone else we like as much. We are getting married in the lakes, but don't mind paying someone to travel to us. Any suggestions?? xx


  • clairezee77clairezee77 Posts: 177
    Hi, email me regarding Stephen Bayliss.
  • catandymaxcatandymax Posts: 43
    dom brister was recommended on this site and i have booked him for our reception in july, he sings and does dj too within his packages, times vary which one you choose

    hes based in lincolnshire

    check him out
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    Hi Vicki,

    I'm was thinking of Stephen Bayliss, do you mind me asking how much he is charging these days? Saw him years ago at a do.

    I have just organised a bit work do and used 'The Coolers' and they raised the roof - everyone said how good they were and they have done loads of uni balls too - funk soul etc. They charge about £1300 (manchester area) or have a female singer to join them for extra. They are a 5 piece band and played at wayne rooneys 21st. The front man Gavin also made it to the final 12 of the last x factor.

    Good luck!

  • ellaandmooellaandmoo Posts: 303
    I don't know exactly what sort of music your after but try they are doing all the music at ours they have a fab swing band and i love the male vocalist. They are based in Leeds but do travel and so far i have found them to be fab. I was recommended them by the lady who owns the shop where i bought my dress as they had played at both her and her sisters wedding and she absolutely raves about them, i trust her she has great taste (stocks JP, Amanda Wakely, Stuart Parvin and Ritva dresses how could i not trust her).

    She also credits these on her website for more contempory stuff.

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  • rarajdukrarajduk Posts: 1,784
    Maybe try Function Junction for suggestions?


  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    Not sure how much Stephen Bayliss charges, but he is just priceless. I would suggest that if you are interested in booking him then get him early. We aren't getting married til June next year and he was booked. xx
  • MRSmasonukMRSmasonuk Posts: 43
    Have you tried silverdog music? I have booked all my life music through them. Ceremony, drinks/meal reception and evening band and I found them really helpful.
  • poppyttpoppytt Posts: 1,355
    I had Loaded from Function Junction who were truely great! excellent service too x
  • BoyReedBoyReed Posts: 137
    I see that someone else has booked Dom Brister....

    Guess he doesn't have the credentials of Bayliss... but I can assure you if you haven't heard or seen him.... He's worth it, and not as much ££££ but dont think that cheaper is worse...

    Not seen Mr Bayliss, but give a look. Worth a look and a chat.

    Where have you booked him for catandymax?

  • BoyReedBoyReed Posts: 137
    just looked at Bayliss site.... very impressive! how much is he?

    I'm not going to change from Dom Brister I dont think.. looking at Bayliss.... he's going to be quite pricey, especially looking at all the famous people he's played atimage
  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    I've looked at Dom Bristers website and he looks great but has anyone seen him live?
  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    catandymax, I see you've booked Dom Brister, I'm looking for a good wedding singer or DJ, can I ask where you heard about him, have you seen him, when and where are you having him?

  • JetsetukJetsetuk Posts: 173
    We have booked a dou called Mango, they are based in Leicester but will travel. Have look at they sound fantastic. Another suggestion is Jill Ryder, she is a really beautiful singer, think Norah Jones,
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